wireless advice please

  bbmf474 11:51 16 Jul 2006

Dear All
I have a toshiba satellite pro with wireless card slot and phillips freeline which has a fitted card and aerial -(please excuse me if I am using incorrect terminology)
Three questions.
What do I need to connect and go wireless?
What is the likely cost and where is the best place to buy?
What are the security problems and how do I resolve this?
I will be grateful for any advice
Thanks in advance

  ed-0 12:09 16 Jul 2006

" What do I need to connect and go wireless?"

That depends on how your internet connection is fed into the phillips freeline. Is it a standard modem via usb?

" What is the likely cost and where is the best place to buy? "

Usually a WiFi router meets most peoples needs. because both your other machines are WiFi enabled a standard £40 to £60 router should do it.

" What are the security problems and how do I resolve this? "

You would need to password protect the router, this is done in the router setup. You would need to also set the wireless security. This will protect you against anyone trying to access your network. This is very easy to setup and consist as little as a ten hexidecimal code.

All can be done in the router stup programme.

  bbmf474 16:22 16 Jul 2006

The wireless bit is via a built in card and I connect via a usb modem
Thanks for getting back Ed-o

  ed-0 17:19 16 Jul 2006

Depending on your ISP ( internet service provider ), it should be easy.

This is the router I normally use, click here. I find it very easy to set up ;-) This is also a popular product. click here

Setting one up is fairly easy.

1) disconnect the external modem.

2)Apply the power and telephone cable to the router.

3) connect the supplied rj45 cable from the router to the computers ethernet connection. ( Desktop or laptop )

4) type " " into an IE address bar and open the router settings page.

5) select a password to secure the router.

6) follow the wizard and place your settings in. ( username > password >PPPoE ). get the connected signal.

7)set up a basic wep 10 digit code to secure the network.

8)Disconnect the rj45 cable from the WiFi router

9) connect the laptop and the desktop to the internet. Put in your 10 digit code, you are now wireless and secure.

Sounds a bit complicated but very easy.;-)

  bbmf474 07:19 17 Jul 2006

thanks ed-0
With good instructions even I should be able to do this!
Thanks very much for your timer and effort

  ed-0 15:57 17 Jul 2006

No problem.:-)

Thats basically it for a belkin router. other routers can have a different address. If you do buy a different one, post here for the address bar details.

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