Wireless ADSL modems

  User-731D3F8D-D8EB-4CD3-BAC35C722C57B032 17:03 21 Nov 2003

Does anyone know whether there is any difference between a normal ADSL modem and a wireless one, in terms of quality of reception and transmission of data?

Can anyone recommend any good ADSL modems?

Also, do I need a wireless card or something in my PC? Are these expensive?

I've also been told that I can't have a 56K modem and an internal ADSL modem in my PC. Is this correct?

Any help is very much appreciated.

  [email protected]@m 18:02 21 Nov 2003

I would expect the speed to be the same. The wireless link has a higher transfer speed than required by Broadband. click here

You can have both modems in your PC.


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