Wireless ADSL broadband

  mdbafc 16:42 12 Feb 2005

I am sure this has been answered many times before but I am little bit baffled, so please bear with me.

I have an Evesham laptop which I believe is wireless enabled (on my control panel, under Network connections, it lists a local area connection LAN, SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter, but says the network cable is unplugged). Until now I have been connecting to the internet via a BT ADSL Broadband (with a USB connection) but wish to go wireless - with my single laptop, that is, not with a network of pcs.

My confusion concerns what I need. I think I need just a wireless ADSL router. Is that right, or do I need something more as well (such as a PCI card - which I think I have - or an ethernet cable)?

Sorry for my ignorances - which you can probably tell are considerable - but thanks for your help!


  Chezdez 16:54 12 Feb 2005

you will need a wireless router and a wireless network adapter for your laptop

  Chezdez 16:57 12 Feb 2005

the ethernet adapter is onboard, and only says that the network cable is unplugged becuase you have drivers installed for it, but no cable. you would use that port to connect via an ethernet (cat 5 or better, RJ45 terminated) cable to a router/modem with an ethernet port

doing it with a cable would defy the point of wireless :P

  mdbafc 17:39 12 Feb 2005

Thanks, but I am still unclear.

What is a wireless network adapter? I don't have this on my laptop already?

I am sorry, but I don't understand what this means, in the sense of whether it means I need to do anything - "the ethernet adapter is onboard, and only says that the network cable is unplugged becuase you have drivers installed for it, but no cable. you would use that port to connect via an ethernet (cat 5 or better, RJ45 terminated) cable to a router/modem with an ethernet port." Is it possible to explain a little please?

  easyrider 17:48 12 Feb 2005

Basically you have the ability on your laptop to connect to either another computer, wireless modem/router or hub using a cable. If you wish to go wireless you will have to purchase a wireless/modem router and a wireless network adapter for your laptop. Hope this smakes things clearer for you.

  palinka 22:22 12 Feb 2005

To make it even clearer (I hope), what easyrider is emphasising is that you could connect WITH WIRES using the ethernet adaptor already in your computer, but if you want to connect WIRELESSLY you need extra kit - namely a wireless modem/router to replace your existing ADSL modem, and a wireless network adaptor for the laptop.

I too found all this very puzzling until I actually did it and then it was amazingly easy. I needed to connect a laptop and a desktop to use the same BB connection, wirelessly. I bought my kit from BT (not the cheapest, I know, but....)and I found just looking at the illustrations on their website of the complete kits they sell made it all much easier to understand. Take a look there, even if you buy from somewhere else.

  TBH1 22:27 12 Feb 2005

As you say, your laptop is already setup for wireless networking - I used broadband via usb modem but have recently gone wireless - bought a Netgear Wireless ADSL Firewall Router model DG834G. This was half price on Boxing day at PCW for £44 and works a treat with my wireless enabled desktop PC. This is my only PC on network right now, have just bought a wireless PCI card for my laptop which I will be trying to connect.

If you wish to retain your USB modem, then you would require some kind of access point/router instead.

I did have a little trouble initially setting up; tried to do it all wirelessly. Ended up hardwiring PC to router, then setting up, then disconnecting cable and now running wireless.

  mdbafc 23:44 12 Feb 2005

Ok, thanks very much for the help. I feel very close to having all the information I need.

I think I have two remaining questions.

First, should I go for a USB or a PCMCIA wireless network card? I feel more comfortable with the former and am not sure I would know what to do with the latter.

Second, I am right in inferring from what you have all said that the "wireless enabled" feature of my laptop doesn't negate the need for a wireless network adapter, right? (Sorry, just want to be certain.)

  easyrider 11:59 13 Feb 2005

To the best of my knowledge a SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter is for a wired network not wireless,I therefore don`t think your laptop is wireless enabled if you let us know exact model we can check on Evesham website and confirm.
As for going for a USB or PCMCIA wireless network card I bow to someone elses expertise.

  mdbafc 12:45 13 Feb 2005

The wireless link (separate from the network connections) on the control panel is named "IrDA Fast Infrared Port" with the manufacturer "National Semiconductor". Location is described as "on SIS PCI to ISA bridge". Under advanced properties, it says that maximum connection rate is 4,000,000 bps. This wireless link has been used before to swap files with another laptop.

The exact model of Evesham is Voyager 5815+2.6 from 2003. This has now been superseded by other products. I can't find any relevant information on the Evesham website about old models. Top of the range current Evesham notebooks are described as having wireless LAN network cards, but my original spec. simply says "built-in wireless antenna".

Does that help?

  easyrider 16:13 13 Feb 2005

I am sure that this is a infrared wireless connection will check Evesham site and report back.If I am correct the built in antenna is for pcmcia cards to give them the required range.

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