wireless access point./.more confused than ever..

  Morpheus© 17:36 12 Oct 2003

hi all again, if someone has the time could they please check this out..
click here

and tell me, is this all i would need, apart from the card that goes into the laptop, to be able to surf around with the laptop free of wires.I have read it and re-read it and i have lost the plot, I take it that i plug the above into the BB phone line, put a card into the laptop..and away i go all round the house, without the need to have a second PC connected to the BB like i do now.

as always thanks...

  Forum Editor 17:46 12 Oct 2003

so here's what you do:

1. Connect the ADSL router (make sure you get the wireless version)to your ADSL enabled phone line. You'll need to connect the router to a computer whilst you configure it - that's simply so that you can see the HTML page that contains the graphical interface where you enter details of your ISP username and login.

2. Once that's done the router will automatically connect when it's booted, and will maintain the connection for as long as you leave it on.

3. I suggest that you buy a USB wireless networking adapter for the PC and a PCMCIA wireless network card for the laptop. The laptop will work equally as well with a USB adapter, but you'll need a spare USB port for it.

4. Install the software on both the PC and laptop BEFORE you plug in the USB adapter/PCMCIA card adapter.

5. Plug in the adapters when prompted, and you'll find you can use the broadband connection on both of them.

It doesn't matter if the main machine is turned off - the connection will still work on the laptop. That's why you need a separate adapter for the PC. You can always connect the PC to the router by cable, using a LAN card if you wish, but the USB adapter is cheap, works perfectly, and there's no cabling to worry about.

  Morpheus© 18:19 12 Oct 2003

I want to get rid of the desktop PC and just use a laptop, without having to take the alcatel frog thingy around with me...so am i on the right path.


  LastChip 18:30 12 Oct 2003

On wireless, it doesn't matter whether you connect one or more to your router. The router in the case described by the FE, will act as a wireless access point. It's simply, the more machines you connect, the more the bandwidth gets eaten up, so the machines slow down.

  Morpheus© 19:19 12 Oct 2003

thank you..

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