Wireless access point control panel IP address

  MikeOT 21:56 06 Jun 2005

I've bought a (admittidly) cheap access point which I intend to use to extend my network. Currently, I just want to get to its browser based control panel in order to configure it. My PC can make a connection either wired, or wirelessly, but I can't find its control panel on the IP address specified in the manual. I've played with all manner of network settings but no joy. As it has made a connection, surely there is a way of knowing what I've connected with - in IP address terms. Does anyne know of a good utility which will tell me the network settings of the device?

  Brian-336451 22:31 06 Jun 2005

Who makes the access point? -
Have you looked on their website?
Have you tried

  Taff36 22:50 06 Jun 2005

click here I have just run the latest download on my machine and it gives me the wireless settings for the router under the communication heading of the report. Its http: // (no space after http: - it would turn into a clickhere) A common IP address for a router.

  De Marcus 22:54 06 Jun 2005

Are you certain it's a browser based control panel? Mine's an old Belkin and I had to install the configuration software from disk.

  De Marcus 22:55 06 Jun 2005

Check a few ip addresses, i.e.,, etc

  MikeOT 15:01 12 Jun 2005

I gave up on this. Tried many obvious IP addresses, Belarc Advisor is good, but no joy, and decided that returning it while I could and paying a bit more for a more easily managed one would be a better policy.

Thanks for your help.

I'm going to post a request for a recommendation separately - any ideas ... ?

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