Wireless access point advice

  Jollyjohn 21:21 08 Jul 2009

Hi I am looking for a wireless access point to go on the end of a 30M cable. The set up is - BT Home hub in the library. The cable runs out of the window and down one floor to a games room and into one desktop PC.
Ideally I would like to use a laptop - wirelessly - as well as the desktop and this is where I want the access point for.

Can anyone recommend a suitable access point?

I have tried homeplugs but they wouldnt work. The walls in the house are so thick wireless will only work in the room where the hub is.

  mgmcc 08:55 09 Jul 2009

Something like this would do the job click here although stand-alone Wireless Access Points tend to be expensive. You could pick up a wireless "Cable/DSL Router" (which incorporates a Wireless Access Point) for less. It could then be used as a sub-router (although in a different subnet from the main router) or as a basic Network Switch / Wireless Access Point.

  Rayle 16:26 09 Jul 2009

Get a BT Homehub cheap on ebay and wire it up to where you need it, you can then use it wireless.
If you look on the BT HH forum you will find out to do it there.
I have a BT HH2 wired to another which I also use as as wireless AP.

  Jollyjohn 20:24 09 Jul 2009

Thanks for the replies.

I have an old Netgear router which I may try setting up as an access point.

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