Wireless Access Point

  arnisonmedia 12:10 17 Jan 2006

I am running a dlink dsl g604t Wireless router which is wired direct into my main PC using one of the four ports on the back.

I also have an acer laptop with built in Wireless working fine.

I am a computer engineer and have put a workbench on the other side of the room to give me plenty of space to do builds and repairs.

I could just plug a USB dongle into each machine to get them to access the internet but this means installing and removing software when finished.

Can I purchase a wireless access point to put on that side of the room and then use the 4 wired ports instead as I would just need to plug the lead in and the machines would be on the net without the need of adding software.

Is that how an access point works?

Many Thanks

  igk 14:12 17 Jan 2006

""I am a computer engineer""
And you need to ask this ""Is that how an access point works?""
your avin a laugh mate..

  arnisonmedia 14:20 17 Jan 2006

Was there really any need for that, I run a small business and help to repair faults on PC's for home users, whilst you may not see that as being knowledgeable enough to call yourself a "PC Engineer" what else would you call it. I am ok with networking also but am very new to wireless and asked the question to make sure I was heading along the right line.

Instead of critisising and ridiculing people for not having the same experience as you how about you try to help them or is that beyond you.

  Forum Editor 14:51 17 Jan 2006

to site your existing router on the bench? Then you could simply connect PCs to it via the LAN ports on the back.

Your 'main' PC could access the router via a wireless PCI adapter.

Alternatively, if you can't move the router why don't you just run an ethernet cable from one of the LAN ports to a socket box on the bench? Then you could plug computers into that. Running a cable wouldn't take long, and you would save the cost of buying any more hardware.

  igk 15:45 17 Jan 2006

I'm sorry if you were upset by my comments but around 30 hours of my working week is spent righting problems caused by so called computer engineers! these are people that do a basic course (if we are lucky)at a local community college,walk away with a certificate and then proclaim themselves as engineers.

  arnisonmedia 16:41 17 Jan 2006

I am running this setup in the dining room at home and therefore dont want to trail a cable around the wall which is why I would like to use the access point if that is at all possible.

IGK, I am certainly not one of those, I started about 10 years ago working for companies such as United Utilities and Bechtel Water Technology, 5 Years ago I decided to go on my own and have been running a company called the PC Doctor in Warrington ever since. I am now looking after IT issues for companies with as many as 50 Desktops / Laptops, the networks, backup and all the problems that go with it.

I hope that explains my background and goes some way to prove that I am not a community collage certificate kid.

Just thought your comments where a little off hand, sometimes it's better not to tar all with the same brush. No harm done.



  mgmcc 17:14 17 Jan 2006

<<< I am running this setup in the dining room at home and therefore dont want to trail a cable around the wall which is why I would like to use the access point if that is at all possible. >>>

A "Wireless Access Point" is, as its name suggests, a point of access for wireless enabled computers into a wired network. For example, plugging a W.A.P. into a non-wireless router converts it into a wireless router so that WiFi adapters can access it.

Plugging a W.A.P. into the ethernet port of a PC would allow several WiFi enabled computers to connect to it as an "Infrastructure" wireless network.

Unfortunately, it isn't going to help you to connect PCs with a "wired" ethernet adapter to your router.

The reverse of a Wireless Access Point is a Wireless Network Bridge which lets *WIRED* networked computers connect to a *WIRELESS* network (or wireless router). Something like this might do what you want click here

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