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how hard is it to secure my wireless network i have a desktop which i plan on connecting soon but my main pc is my laptop i think i should secure it fast but im told its a pain to do.any help appreciated.

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All this will be included in the instructions that come with the Router.
This will give you 2 options WEP & WPA. Personally I use WEP but your service provider will advise what is best.
If you are just trying to protect your PC securitywise this is OK but if you have sensitive data stored on your PC there are several programs which can lock the folders to anyone but you via password (128KBit security, I believe)


  [DELETED] 00:12 17 Mar 2006

Steve, it is not hard and it is important that you secure your network, see the link below.

click here

Depending on your kit you may have to connect by cable to make these changes. I would also check your documentation or goto your manufactures website where they will have good and useful information.

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Sorry - forgot about the "Pain to do bit"
Yes it is but if you buy the right kit and follow the instructions about 1hr will do it (took me all flippin day cos my old Desktop didn't have a USB 2 port to connect the transmitter to)
Laptop however was literally 2 minutes using zero wireless config in control panel


  [DELETED] 22:23 17 Mar 2006

the thing im confused about is i installed the router on my desktop but i know longer have that connected i am just using my laptop the laptop as built in wireless do i have to install the router on the laptop or can i do it windows xp s2 the router is belkin and the wireless is ralink.

  Strawballs 22:42 17 Mar 2006

I use WPA and it was easy if you follow instructions in the routers manual you chose WPA it will ask you for a keyword which you enter then run the software for the cards on the computers select WPA it will ask you for the keyword that you use and that will only have to be done once.

  [DELETED] 22:50 17 Mar 2006

so i do have to istall the belkin software that came with the router i have just tryed to turn on wep in conections>properties>incrypt using wep(no wpa option)and lost the wireless connection.

  Strawballs 22:53 17 Mar 2006

If you have turned on WEP then you have to do the same for the cards in the recieving computers and use the same encryption key

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