Wireless ?

  Ritchbee 13:32 26 Jan 2005

Hopefully someone out there is able to point me in the right direction about this subject.

How easy or not is it to do this ?.

What exactly do you need (Hardware/Software) ?

What are the benefits/problems you may have.

Is it worth it ?.

Appreciate any help or advice given.


  Technotiger 13:35 26 Jan 2005

Hi, there are wireless mice, keyboards, modems etc - are you whinking of anything specific? - also what os are you running?


  Technotiger 13:35 26 Jan 2005

typo; thinking - sorry

  johnnyrocker 13:37 26 Jan 2005
  toni b 13:57 26 Jan 2005

you will need a wireless access point and a wireless access card which often can be bought as a bundle.
You then contect you modem to the wireless access point and add you wirelss card to pc (there are various types of card such as usb or pci) you then follow manufactures set up guidelines usally via a setup wizard and away you go.If you search the forum you will find all the required information and recommendations to various brands.Is it worth it? well that all depends on your reason as why you need wireless internet,if you want to share connections at various points around the house/office is ideal.It is reasonably cheap to set up.With the aid of the set up wizard it is fairly simple to be up and running in no time

  Ritchbee 13:59 26 Jan 2005


I'm just wanting to see whether it feasable to reduce or get rid of my cables.

My OS is XP Home.

  Ritchbee 15:42 26 Jan 2005

Toni B,

Thanks for the advice.

Makes sense now.


  georgemac © 16:00 26 Jan 2005

click here

have installed 2 of these lately, excellent price and excellent kit

assuming you want a wireless network with adsl access

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