BIG ben strikes again!!! 17:21 04 Mar 2004

hi all,if i bought a wireless networker would i be able to use internet on the connected computers at the sametime?(i dont have broadband)?and where can i get a pair of pci networkers(doesn't have to be PCI).
thanx alot.

  LeadingMNMs 17:32 04 Mar 2004

I would bother trying to share a 56k connection as it would be too slow.

I am unsure of what you mean when you say a "wireless networker".

Try eBuyer.com for your hardware.

  BIG ben strikes again!!! 17:36 04 Mar 2004

well i dunno what its called!!!

  mikef. 18:56 04 Mar 2004

I guess you mean a wireless router, and yes you should be able to I think I can with mine on Broadband.

  LeadingMNMs 19:17 04 Mar 2004

Well if you don't know what you mean then how are we supposed to know ? A description would be helpful.

  BIG ben strikes again!!! 19:33 04 Mar 2004

i want,a device that i can use the internet(dial-up)on both computers at the same time(upstairs and downstairs)i need a "wireless router" as mikef says.you want to know anything else just ask.cheers guys/or girls

  bremner 19:38 04 Mar 2004

click here for the advice I think you are after.

  LeadingMNMs 19:41 04 Mar 2004

I have to say I have never seen a wireless router for a dial up connection and as I've said trying to share 56k would be so slow, but it is your decision.

As I have said eBuyer has lots of cheap network cards click here both in PCI and USB models (as well as PCMCIA for laptops).

If you did find a suitable router then you could have simultaneous Internet access on both machines.

  BIG ben strikes again!!! 19:50 04 Mar 2004

having a slow connection isn't a problem becouse it will be only for a little while.cos ill be getting tiscali broadband.the reason i wanted to share a dial-up connection is becouse everyone in the house is all queing(didnt know how to spell que)to connect to the internet.oh well thanx guys.more advice,be gratefull.

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