Wireles Network problems. Wont connect to Internet

  BIGBAGGY 16:02 28 Jul 2004

I have a wireless Network just set it up. PC works fine and 2 Lappys ok but when I take the card out and put it in my third lappy it connects to the Network ok cos I see activity on the "status" but I cannot connect to the Internet. I have been at it for days but no success even reinstalled XP but still no joy. Ayone have any ideas?

  BIGBAGGY 16:28 28 Jul 2004

the card seems to be sending and recieving but I dannot get any access to intenet. The card is ok cos I am using it now on another Lappy. The OS is XP PRO on all

  [DELETED] 17:11 28 Jul 2004

Do you have all the same stuff under the Connections Tab in Internet Explorer: Tools - Internet Options on the problem machine as on the others?

  BIGBAGGY 18:47 28 Jul 2004

seem to have but maybe Ive missed something. Checkedthat there is no Firewall.

  BIGBAGGY 18:47 28 Jul 2004

Also it has been working before on a wired network.

  Charence 20:39 28 Jul 2004

Have you checked that the Subnet Mask is the same on ALL computers and the Default Gateway is the IP Address of the computer which connects to the internet or router?

You should be able to solve it by re-running the Network Connection Wizard. I'd recommend that you choose to manually set your network connection and not let Wizard do it because it seems to be having problems connecting wireless networks properly when wired hardware is also installed and disconnected.

Regards, Charence

  BIGBAGGY 21:51 28 Jul 2004

If I manually set it what exactly do I do?

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