Wireles Broadband - Router/PCI Card

  gplatt2000 23:02 29 Oct 2004

Hi all. Yesterday I started a topic about the best way for me to get wireless broadband when I move the computer into a room with no phone socket (the topic - click here )

However, I accidentally posted it in the SP2 forum, so I thought I'd better post in here (as Im not sure how to get posts moved to different forums)

So basically my question has come down to, will these 2 products do what I want:

Router: click here

PCI Adapter: click here

I realise that the router I've linked to doesnt have a built-in modem, but I have the one that came when I got BT Broadband, so I presume the 2 will work together?

Thanks a lot

  Spark6 23:21 29 Oct 2004

Unless you are confident re setting up a network I would steer clear of ebuyer. The support you will get from them is neglible, the kit you have in mind is doubtful re compatability.

Why not go down to your local computer store and take advice from them? It may cost you slightly more but you will have the reassurance that you will be able to get advice and support. Most important.

Good luck

  hillybilly 23:33 29 Oct 2004

Normally I'd agree with spark6, but just recently I had a real technical problem and I tried these people for advice before I bought and for support after. It was excellant in helping me set up a virtual private network!

click here

  georgemac 08:29 30 Oct 2004

as Bela has said you cannot connect a usb modem to a router

I use a netgear dg834g adsl modem/router which came with a free usb wireless adaptor, but unfortunatelty this offer seems to have ended and most bundles now are just offering a free notebook adaptor - no use if you have 2 desktops

  georgemac 08:32 30 Oct 2004

click here looked at hillybilly's link this looks OK

  hillybilly 08:36 30 Oct 2004

Another point in my favour, I only 20 mins drive form my link and if asked they allow you to go collect on the same day! That's handy!

  hillybilly 08:38 30 Oct 2004

"I only live 20 mins drive from my link"

  Spark6 10:01 30 Oct 2004

You obviously have the best of both worlds - a reliable supplier who is local. Can't argue with that.

I hope gplatt2000 has gained something from this thread.

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