Wireles adapter

  Gina94 16:16 25 Sep 2006

I have set up a wireless router. It is hardwired to the main computer and I want to network another PC wirelessly.

How do I find out if my PCs have wireless cards installed in them?

If they have not got them can you tell me what I should be buying?

  ade.h 16:30 25 Sep 2006

If they did, you would know already. What adapters do you see in Network Connections?

  Gina94 16:34 25 Sep 2006

On the main PC there is LAN and also a 1394 net adapter. On the machine to be networked to this I have only my dial up connections showing.

  ade.h 16:42 25 Sep 2006

Okay. Desktop or laptop PC?

  Gina94 16:50 25 Sep 2006

Desktop - but I sometimes use my laptop and it would be handy if this could be networked as well, but not essential

  ade.h 17:01 25 Sep 2006

Okay, so you have two desktops, one of which is networked by Ethernet, and a laptop. Is the laptop not equipped with an integrated W-LAN adapter?

And does your router use WPA2, WPA or old-fashioned WEP?

  Gina94 17:23 25 Sep 2006

The laptop is very ancient (Win98!) and seems only to have its infrared port. Don't worry about this one, it's not important.

I just really need the two desktops connected. My router is a etec adsl modem router - I have gone through the user guide but cannot find any of the sets of initials you ask about. I am sorry, I am a total beginner on this sort of thing.

I just had a gut feeling that sending off for a little gadget to plug into the PC was not a good idea without taking some advice.

  ade.h 17:40 25 Sep 2006

Hmmm, well, it would help a lot if I knew what encryption protocol you will be using. Etec is not a brand that springs to mind when I think "network hardware" so I know nothing of its products. I tend to see the usual Linksys, Draytek, Belkin et al in common use.

I'll take a stab and guess that you won't be using WPA2 and hope that you certainly won't be stuck with WEP! For the desktop: click here, which you can buy from eBuyer click here=
If it has a setup CD, don't run it in case it installs management software - XP is not happy with that, so just pop it in and boot up as you would with any piece of hardware, then let the New Hardware wizard get the driver from the CD.

For the laptop, you will need management software unfortunately. click here Use that.

  Gina94 17:42 25 Sep 2006

Thank you. I have ticked resolved in a mood of optimism.

  ade.h 17:48 25 Sep 2006

Ticked resolved? I bet you didn't tick the box AND click the button, or ticked the box while sending a post. :o)

  Gina94 17:50 25 Sep 2006

Well spotted. Should never try to do two things at once.

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