Wireing telephone extention

  brindly 13:13 16 Nov 2011

Is there anyone out there who can tell me how to wire up two ext from the master socket. Because i have been having problems with my internet connection, (keeps dropping out) I had the engineers from Talk Talk setup a new router and filters, that didn't make any difference so after numerious checks of various sockets BT came and replaced the line from the drop down box to the master socket. I have looked on the internet, (when i can get a connection) and they seem to be different layouts and colours. The BT line has only two leads one blue and one orange going to a screw terminal A and B. The user panel has only three push in sockets numbered 5,3,2. I presume I should fit the ext wires in these sockets but which ones and what colours because it seems the colours in the cable are striped (two colours). Hope I haven't bored you. I just want to illiminate all possabilities because I am using extention cables at the moment.

  wiz-king 13:47 16 Nov 2011

on the master

orange into pin 2 then continued to all other sockets pin 2 blue with thin white band

White into pin 5 then to all other pin 5 as white with thin blue strip

Master pin 3 to all pin 3's with orange with white stripe

Or go too HERE

  brindly 14:00 16 Nov 2011

Thank you Wiz-king you are on the ball.

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