Wired XBOX360 controller not working (PC)

  Nozzergirl97 20:17 14 Dec 2015

Hi guys,

I use an official wired xbox 360 controller on my PC, which has worked fine up until today. For whatever reason, when I plug the controller in, the green led ring will flash continuously. I am doing this in the same USB ports as I have been for weeks, and have tried several other ports today to try and find a solution. Most online help said to reinstall drivers, which I did and had no luck. I cannot see the xbox360 controller in the device manager, so its as if its not connecting to the computer at all although it is still flashing. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get my controller to work again? Thank you in advance!

Please note: I'm on Windows 10

  Devil Fish 22:10 14 Dec 2015

maybe of some help click here

  Nozzergirl97 09:13 15 Dec 2015

Thanks Devil Fish, I had already seen that and as it says, Windows 10 automatically installs the drivers. And it did do this the first time I plugged in, but now all of a sudden does not work. I have also tried using the windows 7 drivers that are linked on that page, but no luck. Thanks anyway

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