Is a wired and wireless network possible on XP

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i was just wondering if it was possible to set up a wired and wireless network using XP. as there is only a wired or wireless option i was not sure. i basicly only want to share some files and the printer. i tried talking to linksys but they dont know what they are talking about and tried to get me to disable the firewalls on both computers! yer rite am i gonna do that

neway if there is anyone that can help me please reply


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Most people use a mixed networks. They are naturally more reliable and convenient than a wireless-only network.

If you want specific rundowns on setup, let me know.

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I think I understand your question?

If your router has both wireless and ethernet ports, you can connect via both. Mine has four ethernet sockets - one wired to a PC and the rest connected wirelessly.XP has setup wizards which need to be run on each PC on the network. You may need to reset your firewall setting depending on what you use.

Or do you mean two separate networks, one on wireless, and one wired?

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nah you had the right idea, one network with both wired and wireless. the linksys people kept telling me to only use the wired config wizard but that did not work for the wireless one for the simple reason that it is using wireless lol.

the internet is working fine on both i just want to share files because me sister keeps bugging me to send me songs and i thought it would be easier just to share the file with all of the music on it.



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What Linksys is probably trying to tell you - though it is not strictly relevant to your question - is that you *must* configure the router through an Ethernet connection. To do otherwise will, if and when you start changing wireless related settings, crash the router (logical when you think about it!) Settings that do not affect the wireless link can be adjusted over said wireless link, but bear in mind that you may still be locked out of the router if the wireless link happens to fail before you logout.

There is next to no configuration required on the clients in order to use the internet connection through either the Ethernet LAN or the Wireless LAN. So don't get thrown by talk of config wizards.

If you want a rundown on file/printer sharing, I'll paste the usual blurb. Let me know.

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yeh ok cool can you paste the stuff on file nd printer sharing please


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I am running a mixed set-up but had problems getting file sharing to work over the network.

I had set the folder to be shared and networking okay with the internet but was told (via this Forum) to check my firewall.

I took a range of numbers on Zone Alarm 192:168:123:001 up to ...123:299 (being the router's range) as being okay and this seemed to do the trick for me.

Hope it helps.

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That's right; you generally need to apply an IP range to cater for the auto-assignment from the router's DHCP, except where manual assignment is being used.

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