Wired to Wireless

  bturner 07:57 24 Feb 2011


I have been using a Netgear wired router on my desktop for a few years and it has been reliable.

I recently bought my first laptop that is WIFI enabled.

1) Does that mean I can use it with a wireless router?

I get my broadband access through BT but have never used anything wireless before.

2)Am I able to just use a Netgear wireless router on my existing Broadband connection or do I need to upgrade to be wirelss enabled?

Thanks in advance for any help.

  mgmcc 08:08 24 Feb 2011

The answer to both questions is "Yes".

It is a wireless router which provides the wireless connectivity, because it incorporates a "Wireless Access Point". The ADSL broadband service via the phone line doesn't change.

  bturner 09:41 24 Feb 2011

Thank-you for the reply, I am pleased I do not need to contact BT (which can be a pain) to get set up for wireless.

I bought the brand new Netgear DG834GSP wireless router on Ebay, it arrived this morning.

I see it has Vodafone written on the box so I am hoping I can use this with my Internet Service provider BT.

Thanks again.

  bturner 13:00 24 Feb 2011

Could not see an edit button so posting to add that I was looking through old email in my hotmail account and had an email from BT from December last year and it says

"Your BT Total Broadband comes with free unlimited wi-fi access.
And we're pleased to tell you that our wi-fi network has now grown to
more than two million BT FON and BT Openzone wi-fi hotspots across the UK.

1. BT Total Broadband Customers Only."

The problem is I am not a Total Broadband customer, I am on Broadband option 1 and it looks like I have to pay for wirelss use through BT FON from reading these links.

click here;JSESSIONID_btv=SBlsNmKppccBjg2Rt7xpRvYpDLvzD2QphYBl1TwZvf2DznPs8hT2!1575384169

click here

  mgmcc 13:42 24 Feb 2011

No. As I said previously, you just need to connect a "wireless" router in place of the wired one you're currently using. You aren't using BT FON or BT Openzone, you are providing your own wireless network with the new router. You are seeing this as something much more complicated than it actually is.

  bturner 16:26 24 Feb 2011

Ok, thanks for your help and sorry to be a pain.
It's just I always seem to come up against problems with seemingly simple tasks.

I will have a go at setting up the laptop on the wireless router at the weekend when I am not working.

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