wired and wireless

  chippy+ 20:41 18 Oct 2008

hi i have 4 pcs connected through a 4 way router which i all wired i would like to add another pc downstairs but connect wireless advice please thanks Chippy

  ambra4 20:47 18 Oct 2008

Wireless Network

4 steps to set up your home wireless network

click here

Set up a wireless network

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  chippy+ 20:55 18 Oct 2008

hi ambra4
thanks for the reply i am quite happy to leave the network wired upstairs if it can be done and connect the pc downstairs using wireless if this is possible thanks again

  cream. 21:10 18 Oct 2008

"i am quite happy to leave the network wired upstairs if it can be done and connect the pc downstairs using wireless if this is possible"

Yes.If the router is a wireless one ( make and model ). Also if your downstairs PC has a wireless adapter or you are thinking of buying one.

  chippy+ 21:34 18 Oct 2008

hi cream.
thanks for the reply my router is a 4 port wired router can i get a wireless router that takes 4 wired conections (for upstaires ) in place of my wired one and a wireless card for the downstairs
pc Chippy

  cream. 11:53 19 Oct 2008

Are you sure it is just wired. Most have wireless built in. Post the make and model and we will look at it.

If it is just a wired router. Then you can buy a wireless router that will take all 4 wired connections AND give you the wireless option you want.

Examples of a 4 port wireless router are:-

for ADSL i.e. connection via a telephone line.click here This includes a USB WiFi dongle that would turn the downstairs PC wireless. If you need one.

For DSL lines i.e. cableclick here

  chippy+ 14:55 19 Oct 2008

hi cream
sorry about the delay i have been entertaining my 5 year old grandson the name of the router is a unix next IS50s 4 port wired for cable i use virgin thanks again

  cream. 19:55 19 Oct 2008

rings no bells with me :-)

Not heard of one, but if you use virgin cable the second 4 port router will be fine for you.

If you PC downstairs is a desktop. You will need either a PCI WiFi card or a USB WiFi dongle.

If the PC downstairs is a laptop, it will most probably have it's own WiFi chip built in.

  chippy+ 21:24 12 Nov 2008

hi i have 4 pcs upstairs quite close together untill now they are networked by 4 port router i
am getting a new tv which will take 1 other pc downstairs and would like to add this to the existing wired network.I received a 4 port wireless router from virgin and would like to use it with a usb dongle. advice would this be ok or shoul i get usb dongles for all pcs. th router is netgear WGR614-9VGUKS 2.4GHz 802.11g 54Mbps thanks for any advice received Chippy

  chippy+ 21:27 12 Nov 2008

hi my previous post was supposed to be a new one sorry Chippy

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