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  linnie2 10:52 14 Nov 2007

Hi all
I hope someone can help me with my problem,i have very little pc experience, and help would be most appreciated.
I have just joined sky broadband, and they will be sending me a wireless router, i am currently on a wired connection and my pc (emachine3220) is not wireless enabled. What will i need to make my pc wireless enabled? is it even possible?
Thank you

  ambra4 11:22 14 Nov 2007

See that your computer is a desktop there is no advantage to go wireless unless you want to move the unit to difference room or you have a laptop that you want to use around the house

There is also disadvantage in the transfer of data via hard wire computer will transfer data at 100Mbps wireless will transfer at 54Mbps

If you need to access the router to change the setting it is strongly recommended by All router suppliers that you use a physically connected cable to the Router via a Ethernet RJ45 cable for router setup.

My personal view leave the desktop hard wired and only go wireless if there is a laptop or a other desktop in house that need to access your local network to share files, printer, and the internet.

Note: - Wireless is just a way to remove the running of Ethernet cable allover the house or building. Personal I would always go with a wired system

There is also security question with going wireless, as your system data can be access thought the wireless system

If you are not going to use the wireless system for now disable it in the router until required

Check this site will help you to understand how to set up a home wireless system

click here

  linnie2 12:11 14 Nov 2007

thank you ambra4 for your reply. i would prefer to stay wired for the reasons you give,i was just not sure if i could use a wireless router for a wired connection.
thanks again

  ambra4 12:18 14 Nov 2007

Always glad to help enjoy

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