wired networking woes

  helpimanoobie 13:23 08 Aug 2004

Hi all I have been using A netgear router for two computers for A while with no problems but recently when I added another computer to the network I find that allthough my routers internet connection light is lit I cannot connect to the internet? it seems as though the computers are not connected to the internet line at all!!!
I am A bit of A noobie on this subject and so have only tried basic changes such as going through the set up new network wizard on all computers ect but to no avail when it stops working I cannot even connect to the router!!
Please help as I am starting to lose the will to live.
Many thanks for taking the time to read.

  alan227 15:50 08 Aug 2004

Take a look at this link.
click here

  helpimanoobie 17:03 08 Aug 2004

Thanx for the link but I did'nt find any answers to my particular problem there im afraid.
as an aside though when I disconnect the rj45 cable that runs into the third computer from the router I go back to having no problems.
I did set it up the same way I set up the other two so could this mean that there is somekind of problem with the rj45 cable?
Allthough when the internet connection dies I can still access the other two computers on the network.

  alan227 14:33 10 Aug 2004

Just a thought the third cable is a straight through cable and not a crossover cable

  TomJerry 14:38 10 Aug 2004

You may need to set network adaptor to make it to gets IP address automatically.

From what you descrbed, see other PCs, but not internet, it seems that it does not have a valid IP address.

  helpimanoobie 14:57 10 Aug 2004

it would seem that you are correct tomjerry for some reason when I set up the third I somehow forgot to set separate ip addresses so I always had two computers sharing the same ip address doh!
Thanx again for your help all sometimes its easy to miss the blindingly obvious lol

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