Wired network using Alcatel Speedtouch USB

  Boluwd 00:01 23 Oct 2003

I wish to network two PCs for broadband (Virgin) and file/printer sharing. The main PC is downstairs, XP Home, and has an Alcatel Speedtouch 330 USB modem attached. The other PC is a Win 98 and is in the room directly above the XP PC. Can I simply attach a crossover cable between the two pcs? I assume the XP PC (modem attached)will be a host and would need to be powered up and online in order for the upstairs pc (client)to access the internet? Can both machines access the internet simultaneously with the proposed setup? The XP PC has the Asus A7N8X deluxe mobo and has two onboard Lan connectors but I will need to buy a NIC for the old Win 98 pc. Is there a problem with this setup?

  Jean-Luc Picard 00:26 23 Oct 2003

No problems at all with that set up, I have operated the same set up myself with the same o/systems in the past. You will have to set up Internet Connection Sharing on your XP machine which will have to be fired up first to connect to the internet on your remote pc. Although your host machine will have to be running you do not have to log on to the internet to allow the other machine to access the internet. You will have no problem acccessing the internet simultaneously on both machines.

  Terrahawk 00:27 23 Oct 2003

you will need a nic for the win 98 machine if it does not have one plug your crossover cable into each machine. Grab a floppy disk connect to the internet, You will then need to run the network wizard on the xp machine at the end it will ask you if you wish to run wizard on other machines insert your floppy and finish the wizard. Remove floppy from the xp machine insert it into the 98 machine and run program on the disk NB if you have a firewall running you will need to configure them to allow network access.You can use both machines on the net at the same time but the xp machine with the modem must be on for the 98 machine to access

  Boluwd 10:54 23 Oct 2003

hanks both... looks like a cheap and painless way of getting a LAN! One thought though; getting a 10 m length of crossover Cat 5 cable and hiding it in cable trunking still leaves two exposed lengths appearing like a snake at each end of the trunking. Is it possible to create or buy ready made wall mounted sockets so that I could then use smaller cables from each machine to the wall socket? What type of cable would be required between each socket .... is it still a crossover cable?Installing wall sockets and hiding the cable in trunking would look neater.

  Boluwd 17:49 23 Oct 2003

Anyone got info on creating wall sockets and what type of cable should run between the two sockets and the type of cable that then goes from the PC to the socket? Are they still the crossover types?

  madPentium 18:09 23 Oct 2003

I believe you simply run a cat5 cable between the two wall sockets and they have screw terminals. You would do this as a 'straight through' connection. When stripping the wires though, make sure you keep them very short or it will give BIG problems. You then just need a short patch lead and a short crossover lead. It doesnt matter which lead connects to which machine.
here's how to wire it up

click here

  Boluwd 19:24 23 Oct 2003

Excellent stuff, thanks. I really only need to make and wire up the cable between each socket and like you say, I can buy ready made short lengths of 1 x patch and 1x crossover. So it's probably easier than I thought it would be! I'll update when I get the parts and tools.

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