Wired Network A Cable Is Unplugged

  [DELETED] 14:42 20 Jul 2005

An Old Chestnut I am sure. I have tried some of the previous threaded solutions but failed. This is my first posting so please be gentle with me.
Just upgraded Network host and used old Motherboard and processor to upgrade second PC which both networked OK. Now both PCs have XP Pro installed and used to connect through Realtek RTL8139 LAN adapters so I kept the adapters in both.
Internet connection is Via a Zoom adsl usb modem.
Throughout the network setup wizard I am informed that equipment is disconnected so i tick the appropriate box but I still get "Network cable is unplugged" message afterwards.
Tried a new 25 Mtr Cable with the same effect.
I tried using installed LAN connector on the new motherboard. I tried with the modem uninstalled. I tried with Firewall (windows own) switched off and short of replacing the LAN cards I'm just about out of Ideas. Any help for this (lesser) enthusiastic amateur?
Much Obliged

  [DELETED] 16:49 20 Jul 2005

I presume you are using ICS.

Are you sure you're using crossover cable?

Can you see any yellow exclamation mark or similar on
your network adapter in the device manager?

When you're using the onboard LAN on the new pc,have you enabled it in the bios?

  [DELETED] 17:21 20 Jul 2005

Got To be honest that I'm not sure what ICS is, but I don't recall opting for anything that wasn't offered during the process.
The cable(s) are both crossover (Nice people at cableuniverse.co.uk)
Only got red crosses on my little monitors in the tray. The device manager shows no problems. The two lan adaptors have now been bridged. That doesn't make any difference to the connection we still have "a network cable is unplugged" on all three connections (That includes the network bridge)
Thanks for the prompt response. I'll try And keep up.

  [DELETED] 17:24 20 Jul 2005

First thing when connected is to go to a prompt and type IPCONFIG return This will show wether or not you have a valid IP address on each PC. IF they are in the same "range" ie first three set of numbers the same then try to ping each unit.
Command is PING XX.XX.XX.XX and see what happens.
If you get time out then you could have a cable problem see how you get on

  [DELETED] 17:39 20 Jul 2005

Internet Connection Sharing

You have to activate it on your main pc in order to share internet.

Have you run the "Home networking wizard" on both pcs?

Which pc has the cable unplugged error massage? I suppose it's the old pc,am I right?

  [DELETED] 18:24 20 Jul 2005

Broadwater : Haven't got that close to being connected yet I will give it a try later thanks though I have tried with two different (brand New) cables

Retep888 : Thanks for that. Yes I am using ICS as with the wizard which I have run on both PCs. Both PCs report diconnections while running the wizard.

Thanks again for your time and trouble.. Can I help by giving any more information?

  [DELETED] 19:21 20 Jul 2005

<<Just upgraded Network host>> What did you upgrade? Do you mean your ISP?

<<I am informed that equipment is disconnected>> What was disconnected? Do you mean network cable?

<< i tick the appropriate box>> What box did you tick?

I suppose you can still connect to internet with the main pc,do you have any of your ISP's software on the old pc? If so, I suggest you remove it before going any further.

  [DELETED] 20:47 20 Jul 2005

1 I upgraded the PC with new processor and Motherboard I did change the ISP previously Thats when it all used to work!
2 During the network wizard the wizard reports that network hardware is disconnected even though everything is installed and cables are plugged inat both PCs
3 On the host PC Iclick for "This pc connects directly to th internet Other PCs connect through this PC" box. On the client while running the wizard I click This PC connects to the internet through another PC" box
The "old" PC actually got a new Hard drive so No to the software problem there.
Is the Network Bridge OK? I assume that means I can connect any Pc to my host.
Now I'm Off to work but I'll be back tomorrow. Many thanks for the help so far I look forward to hearing from you again.

  [DELETED] 02:59 22 Jul 2005

You don't need it because you're using a router,if you right click the icon(I think it's called Mac Bridge or something like that)it should give you an option to delete it.

I would suggest you either use the onboard LAN and remove the pci network card or use the pci network card and disable the onboard LAN in the bios.

I don't know why the wizard reported network hardware is disconnected,without seeing the actual PC,it's hard to tell.Wish you luck.

  [DELETED] 15:18 22 Jul 2005

Well not really.
Thanks a whole lot for your help on this on RETEP888 I think I have probably streched your patience a bit. I disabled the onboard LAN in the Bios and tried with the 2 Realtek Lan cards. No Joy.
I tried with the Onboard Lan in the Host PC enabled and the Lan card in the Client NO Joy.
I took the Lan card that was in the Host PC and put it in the CLient and ran the wizard (each Time I changed something)
Still when I run The wizard it finds the lan cards and the Usb Modem but says The hardware is not connected.
I have now tried all these combinations with a new crossover cable and still I cant get a network connection.
I will purchase some new network cards and start again.
Thanks Again for all your help and I am sorry we haven't been able to suss this one out.
I'll Let you know on this link if the new cards work out.
Very Many Thanks

  [DELETED] 13:10 12 Aug 2005

Thanks retep888 for all your help.
I obtained a couple of new LAN PCI cards (£2.98 from SVP!) Shipped one in my client PC and it immediately picked up the connection and I am now all singing and dancing enjoying my Nildram 2MBPS connection (for 12.99 a month)
Once again Very Many Thanks for all your help.
Broadwater: I never got round to trying the ping thing as everything seems tickety-boo now. Thanks for your input.
I won't be shy to ask for help on this forum next time I have a problem.

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