Wired network

  ste_bla 00:36 13 Dec 2004

Want to create a wired network in my house and so looked into buying wires however looking at prices and seeing move house quite oftern so thinking of buying a reel of wire

From what i learnt - Cat 5e does 100mbps,
cat 6 does 1000mbps, so what speed does cat 5 do?

Solid or Stranded - Whats the difference?

How easy is it to use a crimpling tool how easy is it to use?

Can you get boxes so it doesnt go into PC? (like a bt phone box i guess)

  Forum Editor 01:37 13 Dec 2004

and a four-port fast ethernet hub.

Using a crimping tool to attach the RJ45 plugs is like many things - easy when you know how, but tricky at first. Spend time preparing the cable ends, and make sure you cut them all exactly the same length before attemptingto insert them into the plug. Most first-time networking problems are associated with cabling errors.

Yes, you can get network socket boxes, just like BT boxes.

If, as you say, you move house quite often, why don't you go for a wireless network? The initial expense will be a bit higher, but you can simply move the hard ware with you when you go - it couldn't be easier to set up, and the network will work very well.

  ste_bla 01:55 13 Dec 2004

I have a Wireless 4port router use my laptop wirelessly but dont like it to much as its a bit dodgy with the signal and also i like the secure feel of a wired network.

You said go for twisted however i have only seen reels of 'Cat 5e Network Cable UTP Stranded' OR 'Cat 5e Network Cable FTP Solid'

And whats the differnce between 5 and 5e?

  ste_bla 01:56 13 Dec 2004

And when i say oftern i mean every 6 years or so and it only takes a day (two at most) to drill hols, nail to scirt boards etc!

Probably better off going onto wireless networking...A lot less hassle than cable as you move house...took me 10 minutes to network 4 computers & you don`t need to worry about all the cables etc

  ste_bla 02:29 13 Dec 2004

I know maybe it would be easier however i want a wired network.

  Rioja 21:01 13 Dec 2004


can I suggest you have a look at the Solwise.co.uk website. They sell everything you require, particularly look at the modular range of ethernet sockets. I like these as you can combine both lan and phone points in one standard size faceplate. Note, cabling can be unscreened twisted pair (UTP) or screened twisted pair (STP) - solid UTP is normally perfectly adequate.



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