wired desktop cant connect to inet wireless hub

  AL47 09:22 26 May 2009

my step dads rubbish machine cant connect to the inet via a wired connection and im not sure what to do

in the net connections it talks to the router but not the net

always says local access only and wont repair via the vista tool!

it used to work!

  AndySD 11:47 26 May 2009

Go Start then in search type in CMD
In the command Prompt type in

ipconfig /all

Caompare the result to a pc that is connecting through the router..... are there any differences?

  AL47 11:50 26 May 2009

will it matter if one is wireless [mine] and one is not?

  AndySD 12:28 26 May 2009

You should still get the same subnet mask and default gateway.

  AL47 13:35 26 May 2009

they are the same as the working machine, im miffed!

  AndySD 13:41 26 May 2009

What is the IP address of the PC?

What is the IP address of yours?

What is the Default Gateway?

  AL47 21:53 26 May 2009

IP of not working
IP of working


  AndySD 12:12 27 May 2009

Go Start then in search type in CMD

In the command Prompt type in

Ping Google.com

Does it time out?

  ened 12:29 27 May 2009

I'm a tad confused.

The router is the gateway to the net.

If he is talking to the router and the router is talking to the net (proven by the fact that you can do this with your machine) he should be connected.

Have you tried a different browser?

  AL47 13:21 27 May 2009

im a tad confused too, tbh i think the network card could be buggered

yep, times out, mine works

if i unplug the router from the desktop it no longer knows its there so there is communication,

other problems, printer is wired to the hub too, my laptop prints wirelessly using it
desktop looses its connection once youve restarted the comp [well looses it all the time dunno if its due to a restart] have to delete the old one, make a new one for it too work
today it wont even add a printer, wizard freezes when you click 'add bluetooth or network printer'

no browsers work

definitly issues

  ened 13:26 27 May 2009

When you say it is wired: is that usb or ethernet?

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