wired connection mystery

  72hmt 14:48 27 Apr 2010

Suddenly I am getting 'a network cable is unplugged' when trying to use my Netgear router with my new desktop via its wired connection. Wirelessly it it fine.

I have (I think) tried everything, including different cables, latest lan driver etc. Still that blinking light on the router and 'unplugged'.

If I connect my old (less reliable) Belkin router it does not have this problem. So - my first thought then was 'It's the Netgear router that has the problem'.

But no, because if I connect the Netgear router to my old desktop it does not have the 'unplugged' problem. It only happens between the Netgear and my new desktop.

Maybe I'll just have to live with wireless only, because at least tne Netgear does not keep dropping the internet connection.

Still...these things niggle,so if anyone has any other ideas I would by very interested.

  onthelimit 14:50 27 Apr 2010

Have you tried deleting the LAN in control panel, then set up a new one?

  Rahere 14:53 27 Apr 2010

A cold reboot of router and PC in that order when connected to the router might help - esp if you use cable ISP

Check you are not using the wrong type of cable, or wrong socket or that the PC is also using wireless connection at same time - turn that device off in Windows to check.

  howard64 15:19 27 Apr 2010

this seems to me to be a firewall problem. Check that your firewall is allowing contact with your ethernet connection. Another slightly possible is that for some reason your ethernet port is not switched on. Try looking in hardware - device manager and click on the plus sign then right click the ethernet adaptor and properties. Is there a yellow exclamation mark by the adaptor? Make sure that none of the options is disabled in the advanced tab.

  72hmt 16:27 27 Apr 2010

Thanks for responses.

Rahere, your cold reboot suggestion did the trick. Thanks very much.


  Rahere 16:42 27 Apr 2010

great news, thanks for confirming

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