Wired connection and limited or no connectivity

  Clairelouise 12:58 06 Oct 2007

Got a wired router connected to virgin cable, keeps disconnecting me every single day, I have 2 pcs linked up to this and everyday when my flatemate tries to connect on the pc which is linked up to the modem theres either just no connection or shes getting a message from the connection saying limited or no connectivity, why is this? I was using Static IP and someone on here told me to change it to Dynamic IP and that should solve it, I've done that and still its not helped. When I first set this router up we were only for a week fine but recently its knocking us off everyday nearly. Anyone know what it could be?


  mgmcc 14:12 06 Oct 2007

While you are connected and online, what is your IP address?

Go to "Control Panel > Network Connections", highlight the Local Area Connection and look at the very bottom of the left (Network Tasks) pane, where the IP address will be shown.

It should be a 192.168.x.x or a 10.x.x.x address, but if it is the IP address allocated by the ISP then you have the router connected wrongly - you have connected one of the router's LAN (Local Area Network) ports to the Cable Modem instead of its WAN (Wide Area Network or "Internet") port.

  Clairelouise 14:20 06 Oct 2007

The ip address is And all the cables are in the right places, i have a cable from the cable modem to the wan port in the router, another cable from the lan to the ethernet at the back of the pc and an ethernet from the lan on the router running to the 2nd pc.

  mgmcc 19:06 06 Oct 2007

Try "hard resetting" the router back to factory default settings and then set it up again. With a "wired" connection and Cable broadband, there isn't really anything to set up in the router other than to ensure it is set to get its addresses by DHCP which, depending on the router, may be called a 'direct' connection.

Giving the network adapters in the computers a fixed IP address might also help reduce the problems. Assuming the Router's own address is then use something like:

IP address -

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway - (the Router's IP address)

DNS Server - (the Router's IP address)

Give the second PC an IP address of with all other addresses the same as above.

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