Wired access only on wireless router!!

  golcor 16:21 06 Oct 2006

I have a wireless router(zyXEL prestige 600 series) which I want to connect to the network in my college accomadation to access the internet wirelessly.
I have connected the router to the wall port using an ethernet cable. Then I reset the router, I then can access the internet only through the wired ports of the router. The wireless network can be connected to but the internet cannot be reached. What do I need to configure to get the wireless access up and running?

  ade.h 16:26 06 Oct 2006

If you have actually connected to the wireless link rather than siply browsed for it and selected it, then configure your client firewall - assuming that you use one - to allow internet access through the LAN. Most firewalls require an IP to be created - either manually or be a permit/block response - in a trusted zone.

  golcor 16:51 06 Oct 2006

There was no option in my firewall settings to allow internet access through the LAN(specifically for wireless). I switched the firewall off but with no connection to the internet.
I can access the internet though the router but only on a wired connection, it is like the router is acting as a switch. When I do tracert to an outside address, it does not appear to be routed on my wireless router(i.e the first hop on the trace is the college accomadation router). I cant access the web configuration on my router either through the wired LAN.
I can access the LAN but not the internet through the wirelss connection. I can acces the web configuration for my router through the wireless lan. Any ideas?
Thanks for your help

  ade.h 17:03 06 Oct 2006

At what point are you booting the router and the client?

  golcor 17:12 06 Oct 2006

The two laptops that are connected to my wireless router(one wired and one wirelessly) are up and running before I reset and boot the router.
If I remove the connection from my wireless router to the accomadations router, my wireless router returns to being in "router mode". Both wired and wireless access can now run the web configuration.
If I then reconnect the wireless router to the accomadation router, neither laptop have access to the internet.

  ade.h 17:20 06 Oct 2006

"The two laptops that are connected to my wireless router(one wired and one wirelessly) are up and running before I reset and boot the router." That's really the wrong way around - with many routers, you risk not getting any internet access through the LAN that way. If boot my router after I have booted a wireless client and then try to connect said wireless client, either I get no DHCP assignment at all or I get a connection but no internet access. Not a big issue in my opinion; if the router is off, I simply boot it up a couple of minutes before booting any clients, checking that the ADSL light is on and not flashing. You see, it typically takes between 30 secs and a minute or so for a modem to establish a connection with the ADSL line and then connect to the ISP itself. Perhaps this is the root cause of your problem.

  ade.h 17:24 06 Oct 2006

By the way, since you want to use a router as a network access point (there will be another router at the other end of the chain) you may need to disable the DHCP server and swap to manual IP assignment. You cannot, strictly speaking, have more than one active DHCP server. Cable modems and seperate routers being a good example.

  golcor 18:28 06 Oct 2006

I set my router to act as a relay to the accomadation router for all dhcp requests.
I have access to the internet over both wired and wireless now. Thanks for your suggestions.
I cannot however now access the configuration of my router, it doesnt seem to have an ip. Any ideas of how i would get its ip or conifugure it?

  ade.h 18:40 06 Oct 2006

It must have an IP - it has a default gateway IP and that is what you normally enter.

  golcor 18:45 06 Oct 2006

It is listing the accomadations router as the default gateway.

  ade.h 18:49 06 Oct 2006

What would be its original default gateway? I Googled for "prestige 600" but no exact matches came up, so I haven't got a manual to refer to.

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