Wire or wireless internet connection

  Laurence WM 15:23 18 Jul 2014

My previous PC was connected to my wifi router by a lead. My new one receives the connection without a lead (as the old one, I assume, could have done). Is there any advantage in connecting by a lead (the PC is right next to the router in my room), rather than wirelessly?

Thanks a lot, Laurence

  onthelimit1 15:37 18 Jul 2014

You would usually get faster connection through wired

  HondaMan 15:57 18 Jul 2014

I always prefer my main computer to be wired for 2 reasons. 1. It makes for a faster connection and, more importantly, if the wireless connection fails for whatever reason, and there could be a lot of them, you still retain control of your router

  bumpkin 16:15 18 Jul 2014

Wired if right next to it for the reasons mentioned.

  Ian in Northampton 16:34 18 Jul 2014

There's no real reason to go wireless unless a) running a cable is impractical, or b) you're trying to eliminate at least some of the cable clutter that bedevils every PC installation, or c) some sort of portability is necessary. If neither a) nor b) nor c), then wired every time.

  rdave13 17:39 18 Jul 2014

Also more secure than Wi-Fi.

  Laurence WM 20:24 18 Jul 2014

Thanks a lot, guys. Nice to have a clear-cut answer!

Cheers, Laurence

  wee eddie 20:58 18 Jul 2014

May I add the joys of the "Homeplug" (other brands available) for computers at the other end of the house.

  rdave13 21:02 18 Jul 2014

wee eddie and sometimes the joy of 'installing' them, PCA link .

  wee eddie 00:15 19 Jul 2014

Mine have been trouble free and setup was a doddle

  alanrwood 13:45 19 Jul 2014

Also usually need a wired connection to get at the router set up and options via the browser.

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