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wiping laptop hard drive xp

  nobbyhigo 20:51 12 Apr 2010

My daughters laptop screen has expired and she wants to sell it . Can i put the drive in my laptop and format it and reinstall . It is the same make model and xp home . or is it best to just mnually delete most of the data .Ther e is not much of importance on the drive thanks

  bremner 21:53 12 Apr 2010

Formatting and wiping are two different things.

Wiping overwrites the data on the drive making it unrecoverable if done properly.

Formatting rewrites the file system but leaves the data untouched. A file recovery program could recover much of the data.

Depending on what you want then your suggestion of putting the hard drive in your laptop and reinstalling the operating system is practical.

However, replacement of a screen on a laptop is expensive you need to ask yourself who would want to buy the laptop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:26 12 Apr 2010

When you say screen expired, what exactly do you mean?

If blank, then may just be back light or inverter failure which is repairable.

  nobbyhigo 22:44 12 Apr 2010

you have a point when i say expired its a black screen . So is it diificult to swap backlight and inverter onto my daughter laptop

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:16 13 Apr 2010

Assuming you can get it to work with another monitor plugged in?

Have you cycled through the Fn + F key that controls swapping to external monitor and back?

Check the "screen switch" isn't stuck down usually a little button near to bottom of screen that makes when lid closed.

In a lot of cases your laptop screen repair is just a case of cleaning the inverter pins with some contact cleaner and this will fix the issue for a good while.

The reason is that the pins develop a film on them and lose good connection with the plug that is plugged into them, it’s a good idea to clean the harness plug as well.

if none of above, generally, if the screen went out quickly, it was the inverter. If it went out over a slow period of time (flickering etc..) I would bet it is the lamp.

Inverter click here

You should first check that the input to the inverter board has 5V power. If not, then you may have a hinge switch or cable problem

CCFL backlights have a typical lifetime of 50,000 hours so by far the most common failure is the inverter.

click here shows how to change both on a Dell latitude.

  nobbyhigo 20:05 20 Apr 2010

UPDATE ON THIS ONE I thought i would have a tinker on the lappy as i had nowt to loose So first job i took out the memory in the faulty lappy ans tried in mine ,guess what no go . Ihappened to have a 512memory spare ,Put that in and hey ho booted up . So i set about crap cleaning and clening the registry aand a defrag / virus check to finish and daughter is well pleased So what i thought was a screen problem was off the mark and turned out to be duff memory

  bremner 08:36 21 Apr 2010

Did you read nobbyhigo's posting at 20.05?

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