Wiping drive clean.......

  geoff47 01:29 23 Feb 2003

I am trying to wipe my drive clean to do a re install from fresh.
I have Killdisk and Disk Sanitizer but when rebooting niether are recognised as bootable.
I think this is the correct term.
Have got floppy as first boot in Bios...is this correct.
Amazed myself using the above words....must be getting all techie in me old age.
Thanks for any advice...

  explicitlyrics100 01:35 23 Feb 2003

i would create a regular windows boot disk and boot into that from there you can type
cd c:format

then it will give u all the options you may need for formatting such as drive renaming and data removal etc etc. Its not much harder and is an easy quick solution from within windows. Chris

  geoff47 01:39 23 Feb 2003

But explicitlyrics100 why wont my floppies boot now,I have them both and niether wants to work for me.?

  Djohn 01:41 23 Feb 2003

geoff47Which O/S are you on, and have you made a boot disk from you own system? J.

  geoff47 01:46 23 Feb 2003

As far as I know one progam is a download and the other from a mag cover disk,and both would or should open at boot up.
That is the instruction on the packet..win98se.
Any help? Should I alter the bios boot thingy?
Yes I have a boot disk for my system,never had to use it...yet.

  Djohn 01:57 23 Feb 2003

Shut down your PC in the normal way, and then insert your own boot disk into the floppy drive, and then re-boot, it should boot from the floppy and leave you looking at a Black DOS screen with a command prompt of C:
Remove the floppy and re-boot and your PC will bring up windows as normal.

If this happens then you are OK to proceed with a format of C drive.

Just to be on the safe side I will suggest you make a fresh copy of a Boot disk before you start with the format.

Place a fresh floppy in the drive, and go to Control panel, then add/remove programs, then startup disk tab, and click on create disk.

  Graaal 02:02 23 Feb 2003

The Floppies may not be bootable try making them so by using the "sys" command, this copyies the system files and bootstrap to the floppy if its already formatted. If not select copy system files opion when formating, then copying the program that you wish to use on to the floppy.
But Using the format command is porbly the easyiset way to wipe a disk as explicitlyrics100 said.
Hope this helps Graaal

  geoff47 02:26 23 Feb 2003

Sorry Graaaal you will have to talk me through that opton,sys command etc.Makeing them bootable
system files bootstrap...do what gone over my head sorry.

  Djohn 02:30 23 Feb 2003

geoff47 Have you tried what I said, if so, did it work correctly?

If you wish I will post full instructions for you to print off. J.

  TECHNODIMWIT 08:54 23 Feb 2003

dont think the restore floppy will boot to dos.

if it is this type of disc, kill-disc will render the software you have useless as you will have to create new partitions, wiping out the original boot sector, looses specific commands to enable restore discs to be used.

been there and got the t-shirt


  geoff47 17:39 23 Feb 2003

To cut a long story short...Win98se on a Tiny PC..
Have been trying to set up Linux Mandrake and got into a bit of a mess.
Cant get into Mandrake...have been advised elsewhere that I might not have loaded something critical...so was going to try as advised to wipe everything and start from scratch.
Have minimal windows loaded at present...and to be honest dont know how to sort out the problems that have been caused with loading Mandrake...so a clean slate would make it easier to follow for me.I am getting so far into mandrake but it fails to respond to my password...advice tells me I am at a command stage in the equivalent of dos...so I am lost.Cant repair it so thought I would just start from scratch again.
And thats why I want to wipe everything...any suggestions and yes Djohn please more instructions,I need it spelt out,sorry.Win98 itself is fine,no problems there at all,he said fingers crossed.

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