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wiping data before disposing of PC - CCleaner and C Drive

  Laurence WM 16:11 20 Sep 2014

CCleaner has been recommended to me for wiping data before disposing of my PC. However it doesn't seem to do this for the C Drive - isn't that where the data is stored?

Many thanks, Laurence

  bumpkin 16:23 20 Sep 2014

If you are throwing it away then take the HHD out and use it as a spare or backup drive. If you are selling it then overwrite it with 0's or 1's.

  bumpkin 16:24 20 Sep 2014

Formatting will not do.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:30 20 Sep 2014

CCleaner can only wipe free space on the Op system drive.

Reinstall (from disk) select format partiton during the reinstall of windows

or reset the PC to the factory state this will format the drive and reinstall windows

download and use CC leaner to wipe free space of C drive (gets rid of anything left readable by recovery programs). wipe all of your other partitions.

Only CSI will then beable to recover anything :0)

  SparkyJack 16:48 20 Sep 2014

As described data difficult to remove.

Thonly sure way is to destroy the drive with a hammer if youvare really determined to ensure total security.

One software download goes a fair way is 'Kill disk'

This will overwrite the whole did with '0's hen format it.z

  bumpkin 16:53 20 Sep 2014
  • Only CSI will then beable to recover anything :0**

This may be his concern:-))

  john bunyan 17:13 20 Sep 2014

I have all my data on a separate partition so I would go through any files on the C Drive that are not programmes and delete them (Some keep e mail there - mine is on my data drive). Then copy all data to one or more external drives. Then delete all data, use CCleaner drive wiper on 3 passes - 5 takes many hours. That way the PC may be of use to another. I have in the past, used a hacksaw on a HD but it seems a pity.

  spuds 19:02 20 Sep 2014

Perhaps worth a read click here

  bumpkin 20:39 20 Sep 2014

You say disposing of it. It all depends upon whether you are scrapping it or passing it to a new user. a question that you have not answered. If you intend to scrap it then the answer is simple, remove the HDD.

  Laurence WM 18:21 21 Sep 2014

Many thanks for all of your help, guys!


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