Wipe System

  GTO Steve 12:29 04 Apr 2004

Could anyone give me instruction on how to wipe everything off my hard drive please?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:51 04 Apr 2004

If you are bonkers paranoid....click here but all you need to do is reformat it unless you are a spook from the CIA...and then you wouldn't be asking this.

For XP....Pop your Windows XP disk in the CD ROM drive and wait for the installation menu to come up. Choose "Install Windows XP" then it will go into a new screen that lists a bunch of steps. From the from the pulldown menu choose "New Installation (Advanced)" and let the software do the rest.

It will wipe out all the data on your hard drive and put a fresh copy of Windows XP on the system.

For 98 etc......click here


  Sethhaniel 12:52 04 Apr 2004

if its progs only go to add/remove and try from there

  GTO Steve 13:09 04 Apr 2004

I have Windows 2000, I installed Windows XP but the product was wrong and when it boots up it bootd up with XP and asks for the XP key which I havent got so I want to take it off and put 2000 back on but cant get XP off now.

  GTO Steve 13:15 04 Apr 2004


  Graham ® 13:22 04 Apr 2004

If you have the 2000 CD, Maybe GANDALFs suggestion will work with that.

  Graham ® 13:32 04 Apr 2004

Please respond in the thread only. Emails are by invitation only.

  GTO Steve 13:36 04 Apr 2004

Sorry Graham, first time on PCadvisor, didnt realise.
GTO Steve

  Graham ® 13:39 04 Apr 2004

No problem. Hope you become a regular.

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