Wipe HDD

  joseph K 00:49 02 Nov 2004

How do I wipe my hard drive so that it's the same as when it left the factory? I've tried FDISK, but it doesn't work.

  AndySD 01:03 02 Nov 2004

Operating System?

  keith-236785 01:32 02 Nov 2004

use a windows 98SE startup disk, if you dont have one click here and download on, once downloaded insert a blank floppy disk and double click the downloaded file.

leave the floppy in the drive and reboot the pc, if your floppy is set to boot before the hard drive then you will get a menu, at the menu choose option2, start without cdrom support. if you dont get the menu and the pc tries to boot from the cd or hard drive then you will need to enter the bios and change the boot order to boot floppy first (on my pc, i have cd first/floppy second/ drive c third. that way if i ever need to boot via a floppy then i dont need to change anything).

once your pc has booted to the prompt A:> you should be able to simply type

format c: +press enter

this will start the formatting process and generate a warning about losing all data, accept the warning and the format will continue.

if format command doesnt work, at the prompt type


then try the format command again.

good luck

  User-312386 01:46 02 Nov 2004

Do you have a full operating system disc or a "restore to factory settings disc"?

Which O/S do you have?

  joseph K 02:09 02 Nov 2004

Thanks all.

I'll run through that again paperman27.

I downloaded 'partition recovery' and that was the first program to recognise that I have 80 Gigs and not only 2 Gigs - but I couldn't get it to do much else.

'Cyberscrub' then told me that all had been corrupted by the crash anyway - hence my wish to wipe the disk and begin again. Almost everything of any import is on an external HDD(essential) and CDs luckily.

What does really puzzle me is that when I followed your instructions earlier, it worked, but only on the 2 Gig part of the disk.

I have also used 'PcInspector' and that describes the the 2 Gig sectioon as drive C and the 76 Gig section as disk # 2 which is a little unusual.

  joseph K 02:12 02 Nov 2004

Incidentally Madboy33 ( I think I'm Madboy No. 1 at the moment!), I was using xp pro when I had an almighty crash. I began another thread about that earlier. So if you like a saga . . . . . . . .

  User-312386 04:10 02 Nov 2004

yeah i have read it answered there as well

  seedie 09:13 02 Nov 2004

If you can find out which manufacturer made your HD then download a utility program from them, I expect you'll find something to wipe your drive.
By coincidence I had to do it last night to get rid of a linux partition. Western Digital (my drive) have a utility which will write zeros to the complete drive,regardless of the partitions, and drive image restored the working bits again.

Good luck


  keith-236785 11:14 02 Nov 2004

you need to fdisk the drive again, this time delete ALL partitions so you have an 80gig blank disk.

then using fdisk create a primary partition, make it active and exit fdisk.

on completion, type format c: at the prompt to format using the win98 startup disk.

then you should have a 80 (or about75) gig drive C:

if you need more advice or dont understand something, ask away and i will go into more detail.

  Danoh 11:20 02 Nov 2004

As for seedie, I wanted to restore a Samsung HDD to a factory-fresh state (although for different reasons). Samsung's web site does not seem to offer a suitable utility but Western Digital does, and I have a Western Digital HDD. click here

Check on the download section of your HDD manufacturers websites to see if you can find a similar utility. Seagate's utility is very similar to Western Digitals and would not run if it does not find a Seagate HDD.

  joseph K 12:20 02 Nov 2004

Where do I get the option to delete all partitions? I have been through everything once more, but unfortunately I'm back in my 2 Gig ghetto. An option to delete all partitions would be fantastic!

I've tried that Danoh, unfortunately no luck.

Thanks all for your perseverence.

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