Wipe Hard Drive & Re-install Windows

  TopBloke37 16:42 16 Sep 2003

I recently bought a new pc base unit to replace my under spec'd one which was riddled with errors etc.
I want to if possible format the hard drive and reinstall windows xp home off my new licensed cd.
Can anyone tell me how to do this please? I believe it's a case of hitting something as it boots up but don't know what.

  TopBloke37 16:43 16 Sep 2003

Sorry to clarify, i want to do that on the OLD pc!

  fitfella29 16:51 16 Sep 2003

click delete to enter your bios as its starting up then look about until you see something that says first boot up and choose cd rom.

then put your xp disk in and reboot and then when it starts up it`ll ask if u want to reformatt then install windows.

  Sion 17:00 16 Sep 2003

yeah, when you turn on PC you should see something like "F8 choose boot up device" or at least words to that effect. make sure your XP cd is in the drive, and choose your CD-ROM drive to boot up from. XP should then load its install program. You get the option in there to reformat your hard drive, and it should be plain sailing from there.

  daxian 17:03 16 Sep 2003

hi topbloke 37....
if the xp home is the same one that is on your new pc you will have problems activating the software on the old pc ...as its only allowed to be used or active on one pc ....
that aside ,i would suggest running the compatability program off the home cd to make sure the puter will run xp .

  Terrahawk 17:07 16 Sep 2003

could you clarify what you are trying to do if you want to use the same xp licence on two machines you are going to hit the buffers as the licence is only for one machine, you will only be able to install updates on one machine and with all the nasties going about at the moment that would also leave one machine very vunerable that even if you can activate it

  TopBloke37 17:31 16 Sep 2003

Well Terrahawk its had a copy of XP Pro on for the last 15 months or so and the only update you cant get is the SP1 - all security updates and patches can still be downloaded with duplicate discs.

  dfghjkl 18:24 16 Sep 2003

nearly an hour,i guess this one slipped through,it must be tea time for the firm,i will check in another hour

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