Wipe hard drive clean

  jibberjabber 13:24 12 Oct 2005

I want to completely erase all files on a hard drive before disposing or selling the machine. Any ideas on how to make sure this is done thouroughly.

  Methedrine 13:29 12 Oct 2005

Try this.

click here

  Chegs ® 14:46 12 Oct 2005

A simple format C: should be sufficient,or are you employed by MI5?

  SANTOS7 14:53 12 Oct 2005

If you have the likes of personal data on your HDD
a format will NOT wipe it clean, there are numerous progs that can recover files,

  SANTOS7 14:57 12 Oct 2005

click here
some good info here..

  Chegs ® 15:03 12 Oct 2005

"numerous progs that can recover files" I know,I have a couple.I doubt if the next owner of the PC will be that determined to recover any files,its

a)time consuming,

b)rare anything of likely use will be revealed.

Therefore,format should be sufficient for a home user.Use of any app to wipe a HD is pointless,as the only true way to stop the data being recovered is by destroying totally the HD(by melting it down)

  interzone55 15:14 12 Oct 2005

Not true actually, the US department of defense recommend a overwriting the file 35 times with random data, then overwriting the filename data in the TOC 35 times. This will stop any recover short of removing the disk from the drive and examining it with a scanning tunnelling electron microscope, not something everyone possesses at home.

For home users overwriting data 7 times will stop pretty much all software recovery tools.

  woodchip 15:28 12 Oct 2005

KillDisk will zero fill the drive. click here

  Chegs ® 15:31 12 Oct 2005

"This will stop any recover short of removing the disk from the drive..."

If its melted,even gathering up the blobs of metal wont allow the data they once contained to be recovered.So my statement above is true.

"US department of defense " Wont be involved in recovering data off a homeusers PC.No need to use any app to overwrite a HD.My statement above is still true...

"should be sufficient for a home user" Also true.

I rest my case,M'Lud. :-)

  DieSse 15:50 12 Oct 2005

I agree completely - no buyer of a second hand home computer is going to try and unformat a blank drive. They're going to load an OS and apps - which by itself will overwrite potentially recoverable data.

If you're totally paranoid then killdisk will do the same job more thoroughly.

  Rayspan 19:44 12 Oct 2005

Cyberscrub claims to erase 'beyond hardware recovery' whatever that means.

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