Winzip in Windows XP?

  [DELETED] 22:50 03 Sep 2003

I want to zip up some files for emailing, but can't find Winzip anywhere. Does MS not provide this with XP? I notice I can unzip received zip files (maybe it's AOL that handles that?)

  powerless 22:52 03 Sep 2003

Right click the file(s) and choose "sent to" abd click

Compressed (zipped) folder

  [DELETED] 22:58 03 Sep 2003

There is a limited zip extractor in Windows XP however u cannot compress (or zip files) with it. Its merely an add on to allow users without any additional utilities installed to extract zipped files.

Try either click here for an eval of WinZip 8.1 or click here.

WinRar I believe is still free I believe and WinXip is a time limited trial with full functionality, however when it times out it still works 100% , you are just served a reminder to purchase every time you open it.

Hope this helps.

  [DELETED] 23:01 03 Sep 2003

Powerless....good comment. Never realised compressing files was an option on the right click menu!! Despite how many times I have used the menu. Doh!

  [DELETED] 23:09 03 Sep 2003

Thanks. Have downloaded eval copy.

  [DELETED] 23:14 03 Sep 2003

You might want tot disable XP own Zip Facility before installing WinZip. click here Windows XP Built In ZIP Support Control - free

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