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  the old man 08:27 28 Jul 2003

Please help.
I upgraded to xp and got a problem with my modem, Diamond supra sst 56k pro, and discovered it was a software modem. kept getting message that there was no dial tone. modem had been working fine 24 hours previous with 98se. told about problems with xp and software modems. bought a new h/ware modem made by Sumvision and still the same problem but now get additional message of cannot detect modem or if it does then it doesn't see a dial tone. all settings checked and all wiring changed and checked. modem in pci slot correctly. at a loss for answer.

  [DELETED] 08:42 28 Jul 2003

You just need to install the right Windows XP driver for the modem.

Since you've changed modem, a wrong driver may (or may not) have been installed by Windows. Go to Device Manager, look for all references to modem, or PCI communication device (or something like that). Right click and select uninstall. Restart Windows.

On restart, Windows should detect new hardware, and try to install driver for the modem (which XP may not have).

Your new modem should come with a CD. Insert the CD and install the driver from the modem. If XP itself cannot find the driver from the CD and you are asked by Windows to find the driver file, try to browse the CD, and it may be in an XP folder. It should be somewhere, unless your modem does not support XP.

Alternatively, look for a driver for your old Diamond Supra modem. click here Download it to your hard disk.

Remember to uninstall any previous modem from Device Manager, reboot, before you try to install a new modem.

  [DELETED] 08:50 28 Jul 2003

Another possibility is that your new modem driver is correctly installed, but the modem just does not recognise the dial tone of your country (Australia?), and hence returns the error message no dial tone.

Click Start, Control Panel, Phone and Modem Options, Modems tab. Select the modem, click Properties. Modems tab. Untick "Wait for dial tone before dialling".

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