WinXP Student License?

  Elrond 21:29 06 Jan 2003
  Elrond 21:29 06 Jan 2003

I can't remember but i thought i saw some company advertising WinXP Student license. Does this exist and where can i get it. Poor student here.

  howard60 22:01 06 Jan 2003

will sell you a student license - it is basically an empty box with a form that you fill in and send to microsoft who then send you the software if you qualify. dabs; simply; watford etc.

  jazzypop 22:09 06 Jan 2003

Also, PCWorld usually have them. MS have changed the system - you now get the full product in the box.

Search the forum for the many previous threads on this topic.

  Steve- 22:52 06 Jan 2003

For the XP Academic Package which includes the disk go to the Insight site click here
and search fo product MSSA026NU

  spuds 00:16 07 Jan 2003

Use Steve- Insight link. They are the main direct Microsoft distributor.

  Elrond 12:28 07 Jan 2003

Is it not possible to get a full copy on this license instead of the upgrade version?

  giimgiim 12:46 07 Jan 2003


What more do you want for £53 inc VAT and Delivery? Seriously this is the full product, with the addition of a check for qualiying products may rear it's head during installation.

There are a variety of methods of achieving a clean install with an upgrade product. You dont have to do an "upgrade over" an existing OS.


  Elrond 13:50 07 Jan 2003

So you're saying i could format my HDD and install WinXP even though you're supposed to have say Win98 on the system when you're using the upgrade version.

  giimgiim 16:27 07 Jan 2003

Yes.With some explanation.

In order to qualify for the license of an upgrade version you need to have a licensed qualifying product. The product doesnt necessarily need to be installed.

If you do an upgrade over a qualifying product the installation recognises the product and installs straight off.

If you start the installation from within a qualifying product but choose to set up a dual boot by installing to different partition, the installation will also recognise the qualifying product.

If you clean install(either as a dual boot or as a sole operating system) by booting off the XP cd at a point early in the process, you will be asked to demonstrate possession of a qualifying product, usually by inserting the cd for the product in the CD drive.

Now some people dont have CDs with the qualifying product on. They have recovery discs or similar. There are work arounds for these situations, if you need info on this please post again with details of what you are trying to do.


  Elrond 17:39 07 Jan 2003

As i only have a recovery disk for win98 SE with my HP system what would be the work around? I haven't been able to reformat my HDD because my recovery CD doesn't seem to work. I posted here about it and was told that that it might be to do with the tatoo on the origianl HDD. So i'd be looking to install clean XP and not Win98 SE.

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