[email protected] 13:16 22 Jul 2008

I run WinXP Home and have been conidering installing Service Pack 3 but having read all the blurb about it I am not so sure.Apparently it can cause problems during installation and afterwards,so is it worth it?

  EARLR 13:36 22 Jul 2008

I don't know. But I got sick of the constant "updates are ready " So I went ahead an did it. It took 3 tries but finally worked.
haven't noticed any thing different so I guess it OK.

Good Luck

  birdface 13:42 22 Jul 2008

Might help if you turn your firewall of before downloading it.And maybe defrag before and after.

  MAT ALAN 13:47 22 Jul 2008

safe mode is best way...

  johndrew 14:11 22 Jul 2008

may exist in that both my son and daughter have laptops - one running XP Home on a Pentiun CPU the other XP Pro on an AMD CPU - and they both installed SP3 cleanly with no after effects. Neither of them even thought to make a backup before they started.

The problems seen by some (it took me two attempts) are not that prevalent and there appear to be relatively few who suffer either during or after installation.

I would advise anyone without SP3 to make a full backup with the likes of Acronis TI and to go ahead and install it. If problems do occur there is now plenty of experience and advice available both in these Forums, at Microsoft and elsewhere.

  Daiol 14:49 22 Jul 2008

Hi,Done it on the 11th july and working fine.I'm using windows xp pro windows firewall avast anti spybot etc.daiol

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:39 22 Jul 2008

Done it but had problems, only because I'm paranoid :0)

My Antispyware blocked the update from making the necessary alterations to the registry.

So ways t a trouble free SP3 instal
1. download and save the update file
2. disconnect from the internet a
3. disable your antivirus / antispyware
4. run the update from the saved file
5. when computer reboots sucessfully after the update is complete then switch antivirus /antispyware back on
6. reconnect to the internet
7. if you run drive copying software make a new copy of the drive .

  EARLR 14:53 25 Jul 2008


  EARLR 14:53 25 Jul 2008


  Hiall 17:17 25 Jul 2008

Installed it about 3 weeks ago.
No trouble at all.
Didn't switch firewall, spyware or antivirus off.
Do uninstall IE7 first and then install again if you have it.
Can't say i have noticed anything different since i installed sp3 though.

  MeandHer 17:23 25 Jul 2008

Have a look at this.
click here

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