WinXP - scrolling pages

  coinneach 21:30 10 Jul 2003

After a reinstall of WinXP, I'm being driven seasick by scrolling pages behaving like tumbling venetian blinds. How do I restore normality? The smooth scrolling option in Internet Options seems to have no effect. In any case, this happens in other windows as well.


  OneSirKnight 21:36 10 Jul 2003

Hi, did you check for all your critical updates,and all your drivers after reinstall of xp?

  coinneach 23:06 10 Jul 2003

Thanks for responding,OneSirKnight.
Yes, I did wade through all the Windows updates. There were 36 of them! How about the drivers? Would they have been included in the W updates?
If not, how do I check them?

  Eastender 23:45 10 Jul 2003

Don't know about the XP version but on the 98 Tweak Ui on the general card there is a tick for smooth scrolling.

  powerless 00:22 11 Jul 2003

You've answered your own question.

Updated Graphics drivers will sort it. Not the Windows Update ones.

  coinneach 20:39 11 Jul 2003

You're absolutely right, Powerless. It was the graphics. I'm back in business now. Many thanks to all who responded.


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