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WinXP Pro - I can't see/access my other hard drive

  Bailey08787 13:27 02 Jun 2003


I recently installed a second hard drive, as a kind of a semi solution to my problems detailed here in a previous thread: click here

The windows boot on my original drive was no longer working, and as I did not want to delete my exisiting partition to do another windows installation (which XP was insisting I do), I bought another drive.

I successfully installed this as the master, and did another installation of WinXP (with my original drive now set-up as slave).

However, although within WinXp it recognises my original (now slave) drive is there, it is not apparent when I double-click on My Computer.

Anyone know why?


  Bailey08787 16:55 02 Jun 2003

thanks, i shall give it a try

does this sound like a likely solution to the rest of you?

  Bailey08787 09:39 03 Jun 2003

well, I tried the above mentioned advice - and for a moment I thought that it may be the answer..... drive was there - and it said healthy - and it gave me some info like 75% used, 25% free - which is about right (so fingers crossed all my data is still there).

It was also lacking a drive letter - so I was hoping it would be a simple case of assigning one.

However, when selecting the drive, and right-clicking it, all of the options were greyed out, apart from the option for delete partition (which represents my whole drive). This is obviously not the option I want.

Any other ideas/suggestions?


  Bailey08787 12:53 03 Jun 2003

no ideas for my bizarre problem?

  Bailey08787 13:10 04 Jun 2003

i can't do anything with the drive. it's bizarre. it's there in device manager - and says the device is working properly - but its not in explorer (or anywhere else to be seen).

The bios says its there too - set up as slave drive (which it is - all jumpers and connectors in correct places)

  Bailey08787 13:51 04 Jun 2003

the first (now inoperable drive) is a 80gb seagate. - ntfs

the recently purchased (with working boot) is a 80gb Maxtor Diamand Plus drive - also ntfs

  Bailey08787 12:05 06 Jun 2003

Over the last few days I have been busy downloading a shedload of drivers and applications on to my new hard-drive, and doing lots of installing.

However it still feels like a mere shell, compared to my system before.

So this weekend I will be setting up the original drive as the boot again, and trying a few things:

I was interested by the JazzyPop concerning Roxio & GoBack - so I will be trying out the advice from the knowledge base.

I'm also going to have a go at this one from the knowledgebase click here;en-us;307545 - let me know if this course of action seems appropriate please


  Bailey08787 16:29 06 Jun 2003

um, i can't do that - as the boot on the original drive does not work (gets as far as the blue screen of death).

So the suggestions i posted above were ways of getting my data back from the original drive.

at present, i am running my pc from my new hard-drive (set as master), with a new os installed. I want to try to access my original drive (now set as slave) and get the data off it. As this drive no longer shows up in explorer (but does in device manager) i can't access the data.

so i am proposing to revert it back to the master (whilst probably just leaving my current working drive disconnected) and see if the above mentioned measures help me to get it going again (or at least accessible as a slave)

understand? confusing eh

  Bailey08787 00:09 07 Jun 2003

thanks JazzyPop - I planned to give this remedy a go first - fingers crossed Roxio is the culprit.

Thanks for taking the time to type the advice


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