WinXP and PowerPoint sound problem

  [email protected] 12:11 09 Jan 2010

First - a very Happy New Year to everyone.
Now the appeal to all PowerPoint users.
I am unable to prepare a PPT show with music becasue the necessary box to tick is greyed out!
In the window "Play Sound" under the "Effects" tab the show is set up to stop playing after the 30th slide.
Underneath this, the "Enhancements" selection is greyed out with "No Sound" fixed?
How can I get around this please anyone?

  GaT7 15:39 09 Jan 2010

This seems a different problem click here but could be related.

If not, I would suggest joining the forum & posting your problem. Also, posting a screenshot link (via click here perhaps) may help as well when posting (ask here for help on this if needed). More PP forums click here. All the best, G

  [email protected] 17:39 09 Jan 2010

Thanks Crossbow7. I have surfed/read a lot since posting but never came across my situation. Thanks for the links to other forums which I will check out later. I'll post the answer if I find it.

  [email protected] 17:43 09 Jan 2010

PS: I have read that once sound is embedded it can't be removed easily. It can be done but it's a bit involved. Maybe I have embedded it correctly with my first attempt but as I am re-modifying the show I am being "shut-out" from adding sound again?
I am going to prepare the show from scratch and see what happens.
I have done the Office repair options it's more likely my work rather than the software.

  TERCOL 21:46 09 Jan 2010

Which version of ppt are you using? 2003 or 2007

  [email protected] 11:00 10 Jan 2010

Hi TERCOL. 2003.
I have read a lot from the forums provided by Crossbow7, and realise ppt is not such an easy software to work with - over complicated I would say. OK perhaps for professinal presentations/shows but not the simple show of linking some photo's together with transitions and music. Maybe Windows Movie Maker or something similar would be more appropriate.
The size of the audio file you try to embed is critical to what your settings are for accepting embedded audio. While the end product plays on your own PC it won't play on the recipients as your PC links the audio file on your system, unless some settings are altered.
For example: If the size of your music file is 3Mb and you have the default settings of PPT to accept files of 3Kb, it won't embed the music. You have to alter the ppt default settings to 3Mb and then it will.
If you don't, when you play your show to check it you will have the sound but ppt is linking to the audio from it's location - My Music or wherever and not from the show itself.
I am beginning to wonder now if all the shows I have sent after holidays/Christmas have ever had music LOL as nobody has tipped me off until now...
The type of audio file is also important. I think it will accept .wav and .mp3 disguised as .wma using a conversion. I have read conflicting information regards .wma. Some say yes and others no.
Not much else to do with this weather so I am pressing on with a new show from scratch with adjusted settings so I should know something later today.

  [email protected] 16:24 11 Jan 2010

Well after a lot of trial and error, ripping and embedding the audio as a .wav file did the trick.
Anyone following this thread - PPT won't take .wma or .mp3 files (the latter not easily).
The "greyed out" area I referred to earlier is not relevant to my problem. It refers to a sound, car horn etc, and not an audio track to play over the whole show.

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