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  [DELETED] 13:20 10 Dec 2004

A friend's laptop will not boot, can she purchase winxp (home edition) so that I can try to repair the installation as she only has a recovery disk. There are some important word documents on the drive I need to access.
Personally I always backup my work?!?1


  [DELETED] 13:27 10 Dec 2004

if you try to install anything, you will reduce the chance of recovery anything from it.

will post my solutions next post

  [DELETED] 13:43 10 Dec 2004

(1) If I have more than £400 to spare, I will call HDD recovery expert to do the job, but I do want to spend this much.

(2) If she did not encrypt files or directories or the who disk, I would buy a external UBB HDD enclosure, remove HDD from her laptop, put HDD in external enclosure, now I got a external HDD. I will then take this HDD to another computer and run recovery software such as EasyRecovery, File Savage (maybe wrong spelling), WinHX to do the recovery, external HDD enclosure can be found click here, click here.

(3) If I had a friend in IT support, I would burrow ERD Commander emergency recovery CD from him and boot laptop using this CD and do recovery from there.

(4) If I had a friend in IT support, I would burrow WinXP-PE CD (bootable live windows XP CD) and boot laptop from there and try to do recovery.

(5) Cannot do all above. I will make a Live WinXP CD myself and boot laptop use this CD and do recovery from there. To make Live winxp CD, I need Bart PE Builder click here

(6) Files to be recovered are in separate partion, they are important, but not critical. Just burrow a XP CD, boot up and do a repair. The solution is strongly adviced to be avoided.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:12 10 Dec 2004

Mybe we can solve the not boot problem.

When the laptop is switched on what happens? Is thier any power led light up? Does it make a noise? Does it get to any sort of screen then stop?

  [DELETED] 16:24 10 Dec 2004

When the laptop is switched on the power led lights up, the hard drive clicks a few times then the message 'cant detect os' is displayed.
The harddrive has two partitions and I have considered installing to this drive but I am wary of doing this before backing up what could be saved.
I have XP home edition installed on my laptop but will I be able to install this on another machine? (What with serials no. , registering and 1 machine 1 OS only)

  [DELETED] 17:00 10 Dec 2004

you can try to repair. If your XP CD is the insllation one, not recovery one, you can bootup and get into repair concole and do a repair.

I really think you should get a external enclosure and put HDD into it and backup in another PC before you try anything.

All CD are the same, the only difference is licence. So if she has product key, you can install it using your CD and her Key.

  [DELETED] 20:00 10 Dec 2004

Many thanks some great advice there TomJerry.
I remember looking into buying an external drive so that I could use a 7,200 rpm harddrive but the price was a bit off putting then - £150 a couple of years ago.
Will look into how much they are now.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:41 10 Dec 2004

Cn you boot from floppy? use NTFS reader to get files from HDD if readable.

could be HDD mechanical failure or master boot record failure on HDD one of the tools below should beable to fix the MBR.

Hard disk tools :-
Seatools click here
WD Data lifeguard click here
Maxblast3 click here

  [DELETED] 11:36 12 Dec 2004

Your advice on backing up to another PC was spot on!
I used my WinXP CD to get into repair console and ran chkdsk, this fixed the OS and I booted into windows and backed all the important documents to a CD.
When I restarted the laptop a long list of bad clusters in files appeared.
I then tried formatting the C: and D: partition but with no success!
Any ideas?

  [DELETED] 12:56 12 Dec 2004

you can boot up using yor winXP CD again and do install, it will come up option for formating

have you got her CDKey? If not, you can find out when you boot into her laptop by using keyfinder click here

  [DELETED] 11:21 13 Dec 2004

I have booted using my WinXP CD but when I try to format the HDD the progress indicator stops at 51%.
I have my friends CDkey.
Maybe I should try the (Acer Laptop) Recovery Disks instead.


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