WinXP Home OEM Installation Problem on SATA

  Giggle n' Bits 11:55 12 Sep 2005

Ok, the problem is when after formatting my HDD and the transfer of Files from the XP Home SP2 OEM CD is done there are 2 files that won't load from the CD which are shell32.dll & msgina.dll

I have a new Athlon 64 3500+ Venice 2.2GHz CPU, Asus A8V-E Deluxe with a Single 160GB SATA HDD no Raid configuration what I no about and 2x 512 PC3200 DDR, Oh and a 128MB PCI Express Nvidia Gigabyte Grpahics card.

I have tried using another XP HOME OEM CD of my other machine also with SATA 80GB but A8V600-X No problem with that one when I built it for the kids.

I have also tired to install XP using the DVD Wtr instead of DVD and still does the same saying XP disk may be damaged press enter to try to install the dll file.

Ripping my Hair out.

Could Memory or motherboard cause this problem ?

Is there a work around ?

  vinnyT 13:42 12 Sep 2005

You could download the required files from click here and then save in windows system directory.

Don't know if it will work properly, but it should if these are the only 2 files missing.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:36 12 Sep 2005

and they say its a memory issue. Apparantly one dimm is Single & other is Double sided and they have to match.

Can anyone validate if this would cause such a problem ?.

  lotvic 23:10 12 Sep 2005

found this on google
click here ""Why does a double-sided DDR RAM module work in one DIMM slot but not in the other two DIMM slots on my motherboard?""
"""My Chaintech ZNF3-250 motherboard runs an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ processor and 1GB of Kingston DDR 400 Value RAM in the form of two double-sided modules. If it boots that far, all of the RAM is checked and registers at start-up, but it's very unstable and makes the system freeze most of the time during the boot process. I read the motherboard's manual and discovered that only the first DIMM slot is compatible with a double-sided DDR RAM module. This is true because the computer runs properly if I use only one of the modules. If the other two DIMM slots are incompatible with the RAM I have, why is all of the RAM registered at start-up, and is there anything I can do in the way of, say, BIOS settings that will enable me to use the other module?""" then follows the 'answer' to this, hope it is of some use to you.

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