WInXP and Hibernation

  Elrond 14:39 09 Jan 2003
  Elrond 14:39 09 Jan 2003

I was just wondering if there are any known problems with leaving an XP system on hibernate for a long time. It is quite clearly a useful tool but i've heard of a few problems but they're mostly with win989i.e not booting back up after a long period etc). Any advice appreciated as i would like to use hibernatioin a lot more as I have a rather slow boot up even after using Boot-vis

  « Ravin » 14:44 09 Jan 2003

use this feature quite a lot but haven't had any problems. sometimes the system would hang coming out of standby but i solved it by increasing the size of the page file. longest i've had my computer in standby mode was 2 days. no ill effects (yet)

  Elrond 17:21 09 Jan 2003

Any more experiences?

  SDJ 17:49 09 Jan 2003

Just out of interest what size have you set your page file?
I havent been able to hibernate for about 3 months, always worked before and thought it might have been linked to my new firewire card but Pinnacle said it was fine.

  « Ravin » 18:02 09 Jan 2003

well i had 2 hard drives installed and split my page file with 750 mb on the master and 750 on slave and ended up with no end to my standby woes.. tried everything, problem stayed after a format and reinstall . then when i removed my slave disk and increased page file on my c drive to 1200mb, suddenly everything was working perfectly.

  SDJ 18:06 09 Jan 2003

Cheers ill give tha a go.

  Slaney 18:31 09 Jan 2003

See responses to my query on virtually same subject "Hibernation: a good thing or not?"
Nearly all gloomy -- but I didn't specify that I was using XP on new Evesham PC so maybe it's 98 that has the problems with it. See the Power Options Overview in XP's help files for good tips

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