WinXP Factory restore now has Dual Boot problem

  Giggle n' Bits 19:17 24 Dec 2003

after managing to get my friends Fujitsu Scaleo pc restored, by using the supplied XP restore CD I now get what I think is called a Dual Boot problem.

When switching on PC and starting/booting up it stops and ask's which do you want to start.

It gives you the option of Windows XP Home edition Or windows XP Home edition. Yes the same os but two options which I say is a dual boot.

So how can I get rid of the second boot of windows XP home safely ?

Also a very merry Chrimbo Christmas to all PCA readers, the PCA Forum readers and users and the PCA staff who make the magazine and forum what it is today. No doubt all of you agree excellent forum. Wot a Plug Eh. Not forgetting the FE.

  Jester2K 19:19 24 Dec 2003

Once you get to the desktop there is a way of doing this but i'm not sure. Someone else will come along and tell you. Just to let you know that....

Merry Xmas

  Big Elf 19:39 24 Dec 2003

It's something to do with the boot.ini file but I lack the knowledge to advise. However it now appears you have 2 XP installations. I thought that using the recovery CD would have formatted the drive before installing XP again.

  hugh-265156 19:53 24 Dec 2003

click start/control panel/performance and maintenance/system/advanced/start up and recovery/settings

untick "time to display list of operating systems"

and restart the computer.

  leo49 19:53 24 Dec 2003

Belt & braces fix is to enter System Properties via Control Panel/System. On the Advanced/Startup & Recovery /Settings tab make the necessary amendments at the top of the dialog box.

Longterm is to edit the Boot.ini file[which is a hidden file]to delete the rogue entry - that's assuming you still only have one XP installed.

  hugh-265156 19:55 24 Dec 2003

ps.if your copy of xp was pre installed be aware that doing the above will mean that in the event of a error stopping you from booting into windows you will now have no access to the recovery console as its listed in the choices in the screen you want to disable.

if you have an xp cdrom then your ok.

  zanwalk 19:57 24 Dec 2003

This site may be of help:

click here

  hugh-265156 20:00 24 Dec 2003

pps.just reduce the time to display to 2 secs

then its there if you need it


  spikeychris 20:01 24 Dec 2003

Cant see how this could happen with a restore disk. As said above but a bit quicker type cmd into run then type bootcfg

What ya got?

  hugh-265156 20:06 24 Dec 2003

with a restore floppy/master disk its usually set up like this as its the only means of accessing the recovery console without a full copy of windows.

  spikeychris 20:13 24 Dec 2003

Yeah but it wont install another XP installation, it will only use the CAB files on the built in partition to recover too.

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