winxp disabled cdrw devises ?

  dempoe 14:38 15 Sep 2003

Hi all
Just upgraded to win xp and al seemed well untill i wanted to use some cdrw disks. I installed nero 5.5 and the bundled incd software. This did not seem to want to work so i updated the incd software to the latest incarnation, this still did not seem to agree with win xp. My old version of Direct CD does not work in win xp and i do not seem to be able to upgrade this anywhere without buying the roxio software.
Now when xp starts a lillte bubble thing appears in the bottom right hand corner informing me that some driver for the cdrw stuff may cause win xp to be unstable and it disables the whole damn thing!!

How do i get out of this and does anyone have any suggestions as to what cdrw software works best with win xp ?


  gold 47 15:11 15 Sep 2003

Welcome to the world of Windows XP i use Easy CD Creator 5 as i could only get Nero to work in parts i can tell you now i ended up renewing most of my software and combo drive you could try Windows XP compatibility wizard.Also keep an eye on the event log as you will find if you don't deal with any problems in XP you will end up with even bigger ones.

  Tefal 16:13 15 Sep 2003


  choffe 16:42 15 Sep 2003

xp seems to think it can do everything for you so doesnt seem to like new disk writers, if you take some time and search through the nero sight i think you can find a version of in cd that works with xp, but it's been a while, and i know that nero allows you to update your nero version to the latest in it's series which is i think 5.8, or download the new series 60015 which allows you to run a trial vresion for a few weeks but you will have to remove your old version first or it'll think your being crafty and refuse the trial period..

  alcudia 16:49 15 Sep 2003

You need to patch EasyCD 5 for it to work with XP click here Worked ok for me.

  dempoe 20:54 15 Sep 2003

Well i have done a complete reinstall of XP this is gonna be the third time !, how many times before it stops working ? anyway untill i can find something wich works as well as direct cd used to work i think i will stick with the SLOW xp offering, why is it that i can not delete files from a cdrw using xp concoction ??? !
Anyone have any bright ideas ?

Is it safe to put Nero burning rom back on with out the Incd bit ?

Arma :)

  dempoe 20:56 15 Sep 2003

If i had version 5 of easy cd i would patch it but aparently there is no upgrade path for my version 4 :(


  BarryKeith 21:17 15 Sep 2003

You have to disable WinXP's CD burning system in order to use third-party CD burning software.

  dempoe 06:23 16 Sep 2003

how do i disable it please :)

  slide 08:45 16 Sep 2003

When you insert a blank CD, you should get a dialogue window with automatic options.
Just hit the button that requests XP to do nothing when you insert a blank disk.

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