Win'XP Colour Scheme

  WebGuy 22:00 08 Nov 2003

Hi, when I'm clicking Desktop-->Properties-->Appearance-->Colour Scheme I'm getting 3 colours: Blue, Silver and Green. Is a any way I can Download more (and where?). Many thanks.

  WebGuy 22:21 08 Nov 2003

It'll be nice to get Gold theme...Oh, yeah!

  WebGuy 22:43 08 Nov 2003

Ah, please...

  Djohn 22:52 08 Nov 2003

click here Just for you, don't tell anyone else! ;o)

  WebGuy 22:59 08 Nov 2003

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you...

for anyone who doesnt like to pay for software try geoshell click here ,its perhaps not as powerful as the stardock product but its free and copyleft.

windowblinds is great though if you have money.

  hugh-265156 00:14 09 Nov 2003

click here has a nice selection too.

  powerless 00:57 09 Nov 2003

Would you all like to know how to change the start button name?


...because i've dont it!

  [email protected] 01:00 09 Nov 2003

is it done with resource hacker?

  powerless 01:04 09 Nov 2003

it sure is babe.

  hugh-265156 01:32 09 Nov 2003


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