WinXP can you check for coruption? Help please tha

  bof:) 18:15 26 Mar 2003

Hi all,

Whilst chatting to a friend who has XP, she tells me she is experiencing lots of crashes that are getting worse as time goes on. She suppects its a Oneplayer game site program she installed.

I've suggested she uninstalls this program to see if it could be the culprit and then clean out her registery. I've given her the website for Regcleaner.


How do you turn off the XP firewall?

I've read on this site that some folks feel that its not that good and I think she is already running a Vortons firewall.

I've also asked her if she has made any restore points because she installed a program from that the One player site said she required. I was hoping that she had set a restore point before she installed it.

She thinks XP sets a resore point automatically before you install programs. Is this correct? Being a Win98se user I dont know?

Can you refresh XP with the cd disc as you can with Win98se (I'm not sure if XP came as preinstalled on her PC or if she has the disk).

Is there anyway you can check for conflicts as with device manager?

She has an uptodate NAV, has scandisked and defragged her PC. I've given websites to ad aware and regcleaner.

many thanks,


  powerless 18:39 26 Mar 2003

To turn of the XP Firewall...

Start > Network Connections > Right Click the connection and click properties > Then click on the "Advanced" tab. Take the tick out of "protect my computer..."

"She thinks XP sets a resore point automatically before you install programs. Is this correct?" - YES at least my XP does.

"Can you refresh XP with the cd disc as you can with Win98se..." You can refresh XP by inserting the XP disc and choosing the REPAIR option. click here You have to set your computer to boot from the CD to do this.

You could try from within windows, go to Start > Run > Copy and Paste:


Click "ok" have the XP disc in the drive.

Also go to Start > Run Copy and paste:


Click "ok"...

Now have a look at the Application and system logs for ERRORS and APPLICATION HANGS. Click the log in the log there should be a link, click that link. It should take you to the MS website and hopefully a fix.

  Dave Bowman 18:39 26 Mar 2003

Start>Connect To> right click on the connection you are using and select Properties from the drop down menu.

Click on the tab marked Advanced. The XP firewall option is on this 'page'.

  bof:) 19:52 26 Mar 2003

Many thanks Powerless and David Bowman,

I've passed on the instructions you've provided to my friend along with the suggested website.

Before she signed off, she did mention that her h/d was 2/3 full. She didnt say how big the drive was overall.

I've suggested she removes some of the programs she never uses or run the 'diskcleaner tool' assuming there is one similar to win98se within XP.

If there is could you tell me where to find it and I'll pass the information on to her.

Thankyou for your help


  cream. 20:03 26 Mar 2003

Your friend will find disk cleanup in accessories \ system tools \ disk cleanup.

It may be also worth checking how much space is allocated to system restore. This usually uses about 10% of hard drive space.

You will find the setting in. control panel \ system \system properties \ system restore. Mine by default is 4.5 gig on a 40gig hard drive, but I have lots of spare space.

  powerless 20:05 26 Mar 2003

Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.

  bof:) 23:31 26 Mar 2003

Once again, many thanks for all of your help.

I'll pass details on and report back.


  bof:) 16:19 01 Apr 2003

HI All, your suggestions have worked.

Cleared out some 'none needed' programes, deleted download and the Realone player program. Turned off XP's firewall cos she is using Zone Alarm.

So my friend has asked me to send you all 'Hugs and kisses' from her, she is a very happy bunny now (she says).

Thank you all again,


  btcs 16:38 01 Apr 2003

Interesting discussion, no one suggested defragmenting the HDD. Always a good idea on a regular basis - especially with a drive that is 66% full.

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