WinXP boot problem

  electroplater 19:34 05 Dec 2011

I have had an odd boot problem on an XP-SP3 system. On starting the system boots throug the bios screens but hangs at the windows loading screen with the moving bar running constantly and the hdd led on. Re-booting into safe mode and restoring back cures the problem allowing the computer to be switched off and restarted without a problem. The problem however reappears the next day. This has now happened four days in a row with the restore going back further each time. SFC finds no errors and a general clean out with ccleaner made no difference. Any ideas?

  Strawballs 19:44 05 Dec 2011

If you have automatic updates switched on try turning off and see if it does it after that, it could be an update conflicting with some software on your PC.

  electroplater 19:50 05 Dec 2011

Strawballs, Thanks for reply, I don't have automatic updates switched on.

  johndrew 20:13 05 Dec 2011

Have you looked in the Event Viewer to see if anything odd shows up there?

Have you carried out full PC scans with your AV and anti-Spyware software - all fully up to date of course?

Have you updated any drivers lately? a corrupt driver can cause all sorts of odd behaviour.

If you can get it to boot using Restore in Safe Mode, then why not delete all existing Restore Points and create a new one from the 'good' boot just in case you have something from an Earlier Restore which is causing problems?

You could also consider a Repair as a last resort.

  electroplater 21:07 05 Dec 2011

Johndrew, Not looked at event viewer yet, will look now. Av and A-spyware checked with negative findings. Not changed any drivers. A bit scared to delete all earlier restore points in case I get locked out completely. Holding Repair in reserve.

  electroplater 19:40 06 Dec 2011

Have looked at msconfig and at startup and services lists without finding any strange entries, but on examining the event viewer as per johndrew's sugestion there was a series of fault entries pointing to the hard drive. I have now replaced the c-drive with a backup image and look forward to booting first time tomorrow morning. Perhaps the hard drive is on the way out and is taking time to run up to speed in the morning when starting from cold?

  electroplater 19:38 07 Dec 2011

Have changed boot order to boot from cloned copy of hdd ( xxclone ) and had no problems this morning. I will change back and if the problem persists run the maker's diagnostics on the drive. The is plenty of space on the drive - 160gig half full.

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